Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

Here is the very short e-mail we got from Mason today - they had a short P-day today, I guess because of Christmas this week.

Elder Johnson was sick from Tuesday to Friday, so nothing really happened. We went to the ward Christmas party Friday night and that was pretty fun. The Ewarts came and had a really good time, their kids loved it. They would have been to church on Sunday but Irene had a performance at the other church so they weren't able to come.

Saturday we helped a member's sister move into the ward, and that was pretty much what we did all day after service at British Heart.  

Sunday church was really good - it was a big Christmas themed sacrament meeting. After church we went to the old bishop's house for lunch and that is about it. Sorry this hasn't been a very exciting week. We haven't seen William and Shannon this week since William has been away doing a roofing job in Glasgow but hopefully we will see them sometime this week. Love you and can't wait to Skype on Christmas. 

He did send some pictures with the Christmas tree they have in their flat. The tree was already there so I just sent some decorations from Amazon UK. The first one is a little blurry but the second one is better.

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