Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

We got an e-mail from Mason early this morning - and he even sent pictures.  These were the questions I asked him last week when he didn't have a chance to e-mail. And his current address in Ayr is on the right side of this blog.

Do you like me asking questions for you to answer or would you rather just write us a message?
I do kinda like you just asking questions, but Ill also write a message. 

Did you have to get your hair cut more?  It doesn’t look like you did from the picture we got. 
Yea no one has said anything about my hair being to long either in the MTC or mission home, so it looks like everyone who said my hair needed to be shorter was wrong!  

How was the MTC now you are done there?  Did it go by fast or seem like you were there forever?  Did you learn a lot while you were there?
The MTC at first felt like it was taking forever but then seemed to go by really fast, and I did learn a lot it was mainly learning how to teach and there was so much we had to do like the endless role playing. They say its like drinking from a fire hydrant and it really is it just hurts your face. 

Did you do laundry at the MTC?  How did that go?
I did do laundry at the MTC and none of my stuff is pink so I think it went alright. 

Did you get your suitcases all repacked so everything fit back in? Or did you just leave most of your stuff in the suitcases while you were at the MTC?
I did mainly live out of my suitcase there but did manage to get everything packed up. 

Are you excited to leave the MTC and get to be a "real" missionary and get to Scotland?
It is nice to be out of the MTC and into the field. 

And then here is the rest of his e-mail -
So the bus ride up to Scotland was nice we really just talked the whole way up here, the other missionaries and I. Then we got to the mission office where we got all our stuff off the bus then went with the trainers and the other missionaries there and climbed up Pratt's hill which was quite a climb. When we got to the top we where told the story of how Orson Pratt prayed for 200 baptisms. Then we went back to the mission home ate lunch and all the newbs had interviews with the mission Pres. Then we had kind of an orientation and got paired up with our companions my trainer's name is elder Lauracella. And Elder Barton (he is one of the kids that went to Cottonwood) is in my area and the other night him and his companion, Elder Tang, came over to our flat and had a sleep over then we went to breakfast early in the morning. The ward here is great lots of nice people. On Thursday we had dinner at a members house Brother Geardie - I don't know how to spell his name. But he owns a bakery that is pretty popular here in Scotland called Stobbs the Baker and the missionaries eat there free they also make burgers so that is really nice. That is where we went for breakfast with Elders Barton and Tang. Then Sunday night the ward had a fireside and us and the two sister missionaries ran some of the events since it was a missionary relay race kinda thing. I ran one where you had to sew on a button and iron a shirt in the fastest time. For that, we supplied the ironing board and iron and everyone felt sorry that we have to use it, because its "rubbish". And P-days are now Monday

Here are the pictures -  my group just outside the airport in Manchester, then my MTC companion Elder Chaproene.

Here are some more pictures. First selfie in Scotland on top of Pratt's Hill, some of my incoming group on top of Pratt's hill.

Me and Elder Barton at the sleepover, and we learned always check that you're not wearing the same suit from Mr.Mac before church or the members will make fun of you.