Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mason has now been gone 1 week, and I guess we have all survived - hopefully the next 103 weeks will all go by quickly!  We got an e-mail from Mason this morning, but he didn't include a lot of "extra" information.  I had sent him a list of questions and he pretty much just answered the questions and that was it.  So, I was glad I had at least asked some questions or we may not have gotten any information (which wasn't a lot).  But we did find out a few things so here are the questions I asked with his responses . . .

Aunt Kate tried to see you at your gate at the airport but she got there right after you got on the plane.  She gave $20 to another missionary to give to you - did you get the money?
I got the money Kate gave the missionary. 

Did you get any sleep on either of the flights on your way there?
 I slept on both the flights. 

Were the people from the MTC there waiting for you at the airport and how long did it take to get to the MTC from the airport?
There were people from the MTC to get us, and it only took us 20 minutes to get to the MTC. 

Did they make you stay awake all day Thursday when you got to the MTC or did they let you take a nap? What time did you get to go to bed that night?
They did make us stay awake all day and lights out is 10:30 here. 

How many missionaries are there at the MTC with you going to Scotland/Ireland?
 I think there are over twenty of us all going to Scotland and Ireland. 

What is your companion's name, where is he from, and is he going to Scotland/Ireland, too?
 I can't spell my companion's name cause it's French but he is from England and he is really cool. The other guys in our room are awesome, and my companion and one other guy in our room are going to my mission. 

How is the food at the MTC?
 The food here is pretty good - a lot of variety. We have only had a burger and fries or "chips" once. 

What do you like best about the MTC?
The thing I like best about the MTC is the other missionaries. They are all so fun! One time when we had some free time or "personal study" some of us started singing hymns in the class room then somehow we all started singing "Let It Go."

What is your least favorite thing about the MTC?
 Least favorite thing is how much role playing we do with each other. IT NEVER ENDS!!!!! 

Do you have your travel plans for getting to Scotland yet?  Do you know how you will get there?
 I don't have the travel plans to Scotland yet. I think they will just put us all on a bus. 

Miss you and love you.

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