Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

So this week was good. Monday we just emailed and shopped and then we went and saw Teresa. She texted us and told us that she had seen your comment on Facebook. So Monday and Tuesday were really good just going around to members so Elder Rogers could say goodbye.

On Wednesday we saw Peter in the morning and that was really cool. We talked to him and he said he loved church last week. He also taught us how to make those paracord survival bracelets and then gave both of us some paracord and little buckles to make some more. That was awesome. Then we went to Glasgow to meet up with everyone. Elder Rogers got right on a train and I stayed with the Paisley Zone Leaders for a bit. We stopped into a tartan store and looked around in there for a bit. Then we went and I picked up Elder Perkins. He is awesome, he is from Vegas and is a big football player so its a bit like being back at Snow with my roommate Jordan. Then the rest of the day was spent back at the flat so Elder Perkins could unpack.

Thursday we started off the morning by doing some service in another charity store that Elder Rogers volunteered us for. Then we went back to the flat had lunch and did weekly planning. Then we finished off the day doing some tracting.

Friday we pretty much just tracted the whole day until about 5 then we came back to the flat and had dinner then we had to go up to Glasgow that night and we slept over at the Zone leaders flat. That was fun. 

Saturday we headed into Edinburgh with one other sister because Elder Perkins got trained to be a district leader and the sister was getting trained as a sister training leader. So Elder Perkins spent the morning doing that and me and another elder, Elder Sorenson, got driven out to an area called the Meadows which is really good for just talking to people on the street or GQing. Elder Sorenson is so much fun me and him get along really well and we decided that we will be companions at one point! But then we had to be back to the mission home by noon so we started heading back and realized we had just about no idea where in Edinburgh we were. The Edinburgh zone leaders really just gave us a map dropped us off and wished us the best of luck. But we made it back on time then we had lunch and traveled back to Cumbernauld. Then we saw the Austins for the last time and they are still doing awesome. But they are now moved up to Glasgow. (When I was e-mailing back and forth with Mason he told me that the sister missionaries are already set to work with the Austin's in Glasgow so hopefully they will be getting baptized soon now they have moved.)

Sunday not much there - we had church then after lunch we kinda ended up walking around until we went and saw the newly reactivated member and then went back and had dinner and Elder Perkins started preparing for district meeting so it was a good week.

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

First off I am staying in Cumbernauld and my new companion is Elder Perkins.

So this week, Monday we really just stayed in the flat cause Elder Rogers still wasn't feeling well. 

Tuesday we had district meeting with the Zone Leaders this week that was fun. Then after coming back Elder Rogers went back to sleep, still not feeling good. So I cleaned the flat. Then when he woke up he was feeling better so we went out to an appointment with the Bishop but he wasn't home. So we went back to the flat had dinner then went out and tracted for the rest of the day. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges up in Airdrie. I was with Elder McAfee from Gunnison he is going home today so he was just done. We spent the whole day walking from store to store to find him the cheapest carry on case, cause he needed a new one. 

Thursday we exchanged back and had flat checks ours passed so that is good. We then had weekly planning. After that we went out to a small town called Banton to see an older man we talked to last time we were there. We helped him out a bit with his gardening and then had to get the last bus back and that took up the rest of the day. 

Friday we went to a place called Moodiesburn to try by some one but they weren't in. We then went and did 2 hours of service at the Salvation Army charity store. After lunch we went and tried by one of the families we are teaching that were referrals from a member in the ward. The husband Fraser had funerals to go to so this week wasn't good but we will be seeing them next week and have a BBQ with them so that will be fun. We then went to the Austins and spent the rest of the day with them since they are about to move. We taught them the commandments lesson and talked a bit about some concerns they had but it is going good. We then ended up having dinner with them. So that was a pretty good day.

Saturday we went to a place called Carikstone to see someone we talked to before that kinda bashed a bit with us. We talked to her husband a bit and they said they read a book that talked about the church called "cults and isms" so we corrected him on some of the very false doctrine in that book. Apparently it said that we believe that Adam is God so we told him whats what on that. Then we came back for lunch and listened to the talk by Bruce R McConkie "The Seven Deadly Heresies" and in the talk he talks about the "Adam-God theory" and says that any one who believes it doesn't deserve to be saved. So that was an interesting start to the day. We then went to a town called Cryston and while tracting there we helped an older man paint his fence. At first he thought we where just joking and was really surprised when we took the brush and painted. After that we went to a members house for dinner. After dinner I got a haircut from the the daughter Heather. Then Elder Rogers helped her mom with some family history stuff and I talked with our ward mission leader who was there as well. 

Sunday Peter came to church and said he really enjoyed it and will be coming back next week! So that was great. After lunch we went to try by Billy who we were going to see on Tuesday but wasn't in. He wasn't in again this week but we found out from talking to his mom who lives right across the street from him that he was at his friends house watching football. But we ended up talking to Billy's son for a while. That was pretty good most of it though was about like NASA covering stuff up and Area 51 but still good. We then went to the Austins to wait for moves call it was a lot more of just kind of hanging out with them. Then the call came. My new companion is also going to be the district leader.

So that was this week. We weren't able to see Jaz or any one else but still a good week. Also I found out there is a store in Airdrie called Braveheart and the owner sells kilts to missionaries for £15!!!! So if anyone back home wants a kilt now would be the best time for me to get them one. So might want to put that out to the family.  

Well love you guys can't wait tell we get to Skype - talk to you next week.

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

This is the e-mail we got today - he has been gone 7 months now!

Okay, so next time you need to give a lesson on the apostasy and restoration listen to the talk "Why 1820" by Hyrum Smith that has good stuff. Also we got a lot of talks a few weeks ago and Syd and Bryn should listen to the beginning of one of them. It is by Hugh Nibley and the title has managers in it - that is all I remember from the title, but at the start of the talk he explains what all the graduation cap and gown means and how they are "the robes of a false priesthood" so its pretty interesting. 

But this week has been alright, Monday we really didn't do anything. Elder Rogers told me that even when he was in Edinburgh and there was so much stuff to do he just sat in the flat playing his guitar. Needless to say if we where in Edinburgh and he did that the guitar would have gotten smashed so quick or I would have dragged him to every tartan shop. 

Tuesday we had district meeting up in Airdrie, Tuesdays are the second best day of the week because I get to be around other missionaries. But for lunch we went to this one all you can eat Chinese place; it wasn't quite as Chinese as I expected and was pretty good, especially the chicken balls. Then we went out to try by some people and we got a new investigator. Her name is Alison. Elder Rogers and one of the zone leaders found her while tracting and she has just been really busy lately but she was able to have us come in and we taught the restoration so that was really good. Then we went to try by a referral from one of the members, one of her good friends, Stephanie and Fraser and they where awesome and really excited to learn more so that was a really good day. Then we had ward council that night. So that was Tuesday.

Wednesday we saw Peter he is doing really good. We took the newly reactivated member with us again and they are still getting along really well. At the end of the lesson, to show his appreciation to us, he gave us uncirculated 1 pound Scottish notes. They really only use 1 pound coins here so a note is very rare. It is always really good seeing Peter and as we were leaving he pointed out that he painted on the wall by the door "may all who enter here leave as friends" and he said that was because of us coming over. Then we went back to the flat cause Elder Rogers wasn't feeling well again so he slept the rest of the day.

Thursday weekly planing took up most of the day so after that we really only had time to try by people before having dinner at our ward mission leaders house. That family is great so that was really fun.

Friday Elder Rogers slept all morning because he wasn't well again. But when he woke up he was feeling alright so we went and did some work out in a little kinda remote part of the area. Then we went to try by some less actives and one answered the door and we talked with her for about 2 hours. She really knows the church is true she just went through some stuff with some of the members who aren't at church any more so we will start working to get her back to church. Then we went to the church to watch the Sunday afternoon session of conference with one of the members

Saturday one of our investigators, Jaz, took us out to breakfast. We each got a large Scottish breakfast so it was two eggs, two square sausage patties, two pieces of toast, two pieces of black pudding, and a scone. So that was really good and we were able to start to teach the plan of salvation. So Jaz is moving along well and wants to meet up again real soon, he is just really involved in his current church. Then we went and did some service in the Salvation Army charity store in the mall for a few hours. Then Elder Rogers wasn't feeling well again so we went back to the flat and he slept some more and called Sister Brown about it.  

Sunday we had church then we had a lesson with one of the members cousins that went good. Then we just did some work around the area for a bit then went to the members house for dinner and that finished up the day. 

So this week was alright we didn't get to see the Austins cause they are getting really busy with moving but we should be able to see them this week. Elder Rogers really wasn't feeling good this this morning so I don't think we will be doing much today. 

But I'm hoping I get moved, moves call is on Sunday. Elder Rogers is really the only missionary who likes Cumbernauld so he would be happy just staying here until he goes home. But we will have to see. 

Love you guys I can't wait to talk to you in a month that is going to be great. 

April 6, 2015

This is the e-mail we got last week - I just didn't get it posted.

So first off, I got the package you sent on Saturday and just so you know I can't wear the socks you sent. Sorry but President Brown said only dark solid color socks, but I did wear the tie to conference I really like that tie so thank you for that.
So Monday after emailing we went and did our shopping and then ended up just in the flat cause Elder Rogers didn't want to do anything. But then we went and saw the Austins and had dinner with them and talked to them about conference.
Tuesday after having district meeting, I went on exchanges with the district leader elder Yates so it was nice to get away from Cumbernauld. With Elder Yates we went and saw a few members and then met up with the ward mission leader to go see some people. The first one didn't answer. The second one was in and we had a really good lesson with her, she is going through some hard stuff right now so it was kind of helping her work through it. That was a really good day.
Wednesday we went and saw the lady me and Elder Yates gave a Book of Mormon to, and she said since she was just coming back to church it wasn't really the right time to be looking at another church but she said she would keep the Book of Mormon and read it. Then we went and saw Peter with a newly reactivated member and gave him a church tour. He really liked it and got along really well with the member. We then saw the Austins again to work out conference a bit more.
Thursday Elder Rogers was sick so we didn't go outside at all. Friday he was sick again. In the morning he felt like he could go out and work but he soon realized he couldn't so we went back to the flat and he slept. Then we had a dinner appointment and he woke up and said he felt like he could go there. So we went and had a nice fish and chip dinner.
Saturday  we tried by some people and did some tracting then we saw a less active member and we were able to have a lesson with her because her boyfriend was in and we will be seeing her again later today. Then we did some more tracting after lunch then we went back and got ready for conference and the Austins really liked it. They said they really like Pres. Eyring. Then we went and had dinner with them in Glasgow then went back to Cumbernauld.
Sunday me and Elder Rogers, Keith, and David (the Austin's dad and son) went to the priesthood session and they really liked that session. Two members from Ayr were there so I was able to get a bit more filled in on what was going on down there. When I was talking to one of them he said I'm welcome at his house any time so its good to now that I am liked there and will be remembered! Then we went back to the Austin's and had lunch went on a bit of a walk with them and then watched the Saturday afternoon session. After that we went back to the flat and went to the church to watch the Sunday morning session but the computer was acting up a bit so we weren't able to watch it all. At the Austin's we also had a bit of fun after watching conference. David has a water balloon slingshot. So you put your feet in these straps and then pull it back and shoot a water balloon. That was really fun and eventually we where shooting apples and oranges out of it so that was really fun.
I don't think we will be doing much today cause Elder Rogers isn't feeling well today, and we are emailing at the church cause the library is closed.
So I realized something sad talking with Elder McAffee who is going home. When I go home I will at least be flying back to the states BY MYSELF and possibly flying back home by myself. All of the elders here in my group are English and the sisters that will be leaving the same time as me are from France and the Netherlands. That has got to be weird though for any mission only having one elder in a departing group going home to Utah by himself.
So that is my week. Love and miss you guys.