Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

First off I am staying in Cumbernauld and my new companion is Elder Perkins.

So this week, Monday we really just stayed in the flat cause Elder Rogers still wasn't feeling well. 

Tuesday we had district meeting with the Zone Leaders this week that was fun. Then after coming back Elder Rogers went back to sleep, still not feeling good. So I cleaned the flat. Then when he woke up he was feeling better so we went out to an appointment with the Bishop but he wasn't home. So we went back to the flat had dinner then went out and tracted for the rest of the day. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges up in Airdrie. I was with Elder McAfee from Gunnison he is going home today so he was just done. We spent the whole day walking from store to store to find him the cheapest carry on case, cause he needed a new one. 

Thursday we exchanged back and had flat checks ours passed so that is good. We then had weekly planning. After that we went out to a small town called Banton to see an older man we talked to last time we were there. We helped him out a bit with his gardening and then had to get the last bus back and that took up the rest of the day. 

Friday we went to a place called Moodiesburn to try by some one but they weren't in. We then went and did 2 hours of service at the Salvation Army charity store. After lunch we went and tried by one of the families we are teaching that were referrals from a member in the ward. The husband Fraser had funerals to go to so this week wasn't good but we will be seeing them next week and have a BBQ with them so that will be fun. We then went to the Austins and spent the rest of the day with them since they are about to move. We taught them the commandments lesson and talked a bit about some concerns they had but it is going good. We then ended up having dinner with them. So that was a pretty good day.

Saturday we went to a place called Carikstone to see someone we talked to before that kinda bashed a bit with us. We talked to her husband a bit and they said they read a book that talked about the church called "cults and isms" so we corrected him on some of the very false doctrine in that book. Apparently it said that we believe that Adam is God so we told him whats what on that. Then we came back for lunch and listened to the talk by Bruce R McConkie "The Seven Deadly Heresies" and in the talk he talks about the "Adam-God theory" and says that any one who believes it doesn't deserve to be saved. So that was an interesting start to the day. We then went to a town called Cryston and while tracting there we helped an older man paint his fence. At first he thought we where just joking and was really surprised when we took the brush and painted. After that we went to a members house for dinner. After dinner I got a haircut from the the daughter Heather. Then Elder Rogers helped her mom with some family history stuff and I talked with our ward mission leader who was there as well. 

Sunday Peter came to church and said he really enjoyed it and will be coming back next week! So that was great. After lunch we went to try by Billy who we were going to see on Tuesday but wasn't in. He wasn't in again this week but we found out from talking to his mom who lives right across the street from him that he was at his friends house watching football. But we ended up talking to Billy's son for a while. That was pretty good most of it though was about like NASA covering stuff up and Area 51 but still good. We then went to the Austins to wait for moves call it was a lot more of just kind of hanging out with them. Then the call came. My new companion is also going to be the district leader.

So that was this week. We weren't able to see Jaz or any one else but still a good week. Also I found out there is a store in Airdrie called Braveheart and the owner sells kilts to missionaries for £15!!!! So if anyone back home wants a kilt now would be the best time for me to get them one. So might want to put that out to the family.  

Well love you guys can't wait tell we get to Skype - talk to you next week.

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