Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

So this week was good. Monday we just emailed and shopped and then we went and saw Teresa. She texted us and told us that she had seen your comment on Facebook. So Monday and Tuesday were really good just going around to members so Elder Rogers could say goodbye.

On Wednesday we saw Peter in the morning and that was really cool. We talked to him and he said he loved church last week. He also taught us how to make those paracord survival bracelets and then gave both of us some paracord and little buckles to make some more. That was awesome. Then we went to Glasgow to meet up with everyone. Elder Rogers got right on a train and I stayed with the Paisley Zone Leaders for a bit. We stopped into a tartan store and looked around in there for a bit. Then we went and I picked up Elder Perkins. He is awesome, he is from Vegas and is a big football player so its a bit like being back at Snow with my roommate Jordan. Then the rest of the day was spent back at the flat so Elder Perkins could unpack.

Thursday we started off the morning by doing some service in another charity store that Elder Rogers volunteered us for. Then we went back to the flat had lunch and did weekly planning. Then we finished off the day doing some tracting.

Friday we pretty much just tracted the whole day until about 5 then we came back to the flat and had dinner then we had to go up to Glasgow that night and we slept over at the Zone leaders flat. That was fun. 

Saturday we headed into Edinburgh with one other sister because Elder Perkins got trained to be a district leader and the sister was getting trained as a sister training leader. So Elder Perkins spent the morning doing that and me and another elder, Elder Sorenson, got driven out to an area called the Meadows which is really good for just talking to people on the street or GQing. Elder Sorenson is so much fun me and him get along really well and we decided that we will be companions at one point! But then we had to be back to the mission home by noon so we started heading back and realized we had just about no idea where in Edinburgh we were. The Edinburgh zone leaders really just gave us a map dropped us off and wished us the best of luck. But we made it back on time then we had lunch and traveled back to Cumbernauld. Then we saw the Austins for the last time and they are still doing awesome. But they are now moved up to Glasgow. (When I was e-mailing back and forth with Mason he told me that the sister missionaries are already set to work with the Austin's in Glasgow so hopefully they will be getting baptized soon now they have moved.)

Sunday not much there - we had church then after lunch we kinda ended up walking around until we went and saw the newly reactivated member and then went back and had dinner and Elder Perkins started preparing for district meeting so it was a good week.

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