Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2014

We got an e-mail from Mason early this morning (like 2:30 in the morning our time) saying that they were going hiking with the Bishop of their ward so he would send a longer email later in the day. The hiking took longer than planned and they had a dinner appointment to get to so we just got a short e-mail today - here it is.

So the hike with the Bishop and his family went a bit longer than expected, and we are emailing at the church (today is a "bank" holiday in the UK so the library they usually e-mail from is closed) and there is only one computer. But this has been a good week not too much going on and we are a bit pressed for time so I will just give you guys the main highlights. So on Wednesday we saw Peter and he now has a date to be baptized. I am so excited for that. The Austins are doing well - just unpacking and once they are done with that then the sisters up in Glasgow will start seeing them. On Thursday we went to the Greers and Sister Greer said that you two had been talking a bit (we had been sending messages back and forth on Facebook) and said we needed to get a picture and Adam (her son) is about 5'6" - the seat he was on was a bit broken so he just looks smaller. Elder Perkins is really cool we are getting along great. It helps that he actually wants to do stuff on P-day. Also on Tuesday we had a nice little tour of Glasgow. We had to go up for district meetings then the DLs meet after the meetings to set the months goals. Then Elder Perkins had a doctors appointment in Glasgow at 4:30 so we really just walked all around Glasgow and talked to a few people here and there. So not to much of an eventful day there. But that is pretty much what happened this week. Along with the hike with Bishop which was fun and now I am super tired and I even had a nap while Elder Perkins was emailing. Well I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday it will be about the same time or a bit earlier since we are going to the Greer's to Skype right after Sacrament Meeting so it will be between 4:30-6 our time that I'll Skype - just be ready. Love you guys.

I already posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook but I thought I would add it to this blog post as well.  This is Mason, his new companion Elder Perkins in the middle, and Adam Greer their ward mission leader who just got his mission call to Novosibirsk, Russia this past week.

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