Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Here is Mason's e-mail from this week -

So not much has really happened this week - really it was kind of a business week. Tuesday we really just did some tracting. Wednesday was kinda crazy with Zone Interview Training, it went on for so long and I am pretty sure that every one who started taking notes at the beginning by the end had just given up. But it eventually got to the point where if we had to look up a scripture they went from asking "who wanted to read" to "Elder Wynder are you there yet so you can read it for us" not kidding. One of the AP's giving instructions straight up said "Elder Wynder since you have a nice big voice will you read this for us".  But then after we had to jet off really quick cause we had dinner at Teresa's. We had what are called pizza crunches - that is a battered and deep fried pizza, and let me say they are delicious. But we were able to see Peter on Wednesday as well so that was really good, he did come to church yesterday and is really looking forward to getting baptized. 

Thursday it was mainly weekly planing and really not a lot else. Then Friday we had to travel out of our zone cause Elder Perkins had a weird scar on his ear that grew into a bump so he needed to get that removed. We left about 2:30 and didn't get back until 8:30, and we only spent about 45 minutes in the doctors office. 

Saturday not a lot happened as well. Heather, a member in the ward, gave us hair cuts that was about the most exciting thing that happened that day. Also in the district we have taken to calling my hair "The Mane" so Elder Perkins was saying "its time to cut that mane". We tried to do some tracting but Elder Perkins couldn't get the stitches wet and it was raining on and off like crazy. 

Sunday not much else happened - after church we walked to a place we hadn't knocked before and did some work around there then went back to the flat and Elder Perkins had district leader study the rest of the night as well as calling for numbers. So not too much exciting this week. 

It is crazy that its been a week since we skyped. This move is only a five week move so we will get moves calls this Sunday. Love you and miss you.

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