Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Mason has been gone 8 months (yesterday) now. It was so good to talk to him and see him when we Skyped with him yesterday. He is doing great, he is happy, and he really likes his new companion!  We didn't get a very long e-mail today since we just talked to him yesterday, but here is what we got and he also sent a few pictures. . .

So this week not to much has gone on I told you pretty much everything that really went down this week. So far nothing has really happened with the other people we are working with but we are hoping to see them sometime this week. This week is Zone Interview Training and it will be President Brown's last one! So that will be the big thing this week, because of it we won't be able to see Peter this week. But because of Peter I think I might have potentially found another hobby. He showed us how to make survival bracelets out of paracord and it's pretty cool.

I can't wait until Christmas to Skype again but it will come really soon I can't really believe I have been our 8 MONTHS TODAY!!! It is just flying by. Love you and can't wait to email next week. 

These first pictures are from the hike they went on last Monday with the Bishop in their ward and his family.

Mason's companion is Elder Perkins and he is the district leader - this was the first time he called the other missionaries in the district for numbers.

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