Monday, April 13, 2015

April 6, 2015

This is the e-mail we got last week - I just didn't get it posted.

So first off, I got the package you sent on Saturday and just so you know I can't wear the socks you sent. Sorry but President Brown said only dark solid color socks, but I did wear the tie to conference I really like that tie so thank you for that.
So Monday after emailing we went and did our shopping and then ended up just in the flat cause Elder Rogers didn't want to do anything. But then we went and saw the Austins and had dinner with them and talked to them about conference.
Tuesday after having district meeting, I went on exchanges with the district leader elder Yates so it was nice to get away from Cumbernauld. With Elder Yates we went and saw a few members and then met up with the ward mission leader to go see some people. The first one didn't answer. The second one was in and we had a really good lesson with her, she is going through some hard stuff right now so it was kind of helping her work through it. That was a really good day.
Wednesday we went and saw the lady me and Elder Yates gave a Book of Mormon to, and she said since she was just coming back to church it wasn't really the right time to be looking at another church but she said she would keep the Book of Mormon and read it. Then we went and saw Peter with a newly reactivated member and gave him a church tour. He really liked it and got along really well with the member. We then saw the Austins again to work out conference a bit more.
Thursday Elder Rogers was sick so we didn't go outside at all. Friday he was sick again. In the morning he felt like he could go out and work but he soon realized he couldn't so we went back to the flat and he slept. Then we had a dinner appointment and he woke up and said he felt like he could go there. So we went and had a nice fish and chip dinner.
Saturday  we tried by some people and did some tracting then we saw a less active member and we were able to have a lesson with her because her boyfriend was in and we will be seeing her again later today. Then we did some more tracting after lunch then we went back and got ready for conference and the Austins really liked it. They said they really like Pres. Eyring. Then we went and had dinner with them in Glasgow then went back to Cumbernauld.
Sunday me and Elder Rogers, Keith, and David (the Austin's dad and son) went to the priesthood session and they really liked that session. Two members from Ayr were there so I was able to get a bit more filled in on what was going on down there. When I was talking to one of them he said I'm welcome at his house any time so its good to now that I am liked there and will be remembered! Then we went back to the Austin's and had lunch went on a bit of a walk with them and then watched the Saturday afternoon session. After that we went back to the flat and went to the church to watch the Sunday morning session but the computer was acting up a bit so we weren't able to watch it all. At the Austin's we also had a bit of fun after watching conference. David has a water balloon slingshot. So you put your feet in these straps and then pull it back and shoot a water balloon. That was really fun and eventually we where shooting apples and oranges out of it so that was really fun.
I don't think we will be doing much today cause Elder Rogers isn't feeling well today, and we are emailing at the church cause the library is closed.
So I realized something sad talking with Elder McAffee who is going home. When I go home I will at least be flying back to the states BY MYSELF and possibly flying back home by myself. All of the elders here in my group are English and the sisters that will be leaving the same time as me are from France and the Netherlands. That has got to be weird though for any mission only having one elder in a departing group going home to Utah by himself.
So that is my week. Love and miss you guys.

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