Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30 , 2015

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason today . . .

So this week has been pretty busy. On Tuesday we went and saw the guy Ryan and his family. His oldest son, Connor, sat in for most of the lesson then had to leave to do homework, then the wife came in and sat in for the rest of it. They really seemed to like the lesson and sent us a text saying they really enjoyed having us around and told us to let them know if we need anything. The lesson went for quite a while so that was about all we did on Tuesday and then we went and had dinner. Ryan said they would come to church, but some family stuff came up so they couldn't make it but we are still seeing them.

Wednesday we went on exchanges. I was here in Cumbernauld with the district leader, Elder Yates, from Logan - he is a real country boy. We did quite a bit of finding and we found a lady while we were tracting. We left a Book of Mormon with her and we will be seeing her on Wednesday. We weren't able to see Peter - he had some things he had to take care of. Then we had dinner with one of the families in the ward and as Elder Yates said "they are funny as crap," so dinner with them is always good. That was pretty much it for Wednesday.

Thursday we exchanged back and did weekly planning. We took a break halfway through to go and see a member who was helping a recently reactivated member getting started on family history. Then we went back to weekly planning. Then we went and saw the Austins and that was awesome. We got them all set with a date for them to get baptized and had dinner to that was really good as always.

Friday we went up to Airdrie because we needed to do another exchange. But the Airdrie elders had double booked themselves so we just stayed there. I was with Elder McAffee from Gunnison - he is pretty trunky because this is his last moves before he goes home. In the morning we went to a food bank and did some work there, but it was really slow. So after organizing stuff for about 2 hours we left to get some lunch. Then we went around to three appointments, but two of them fell through and we ended up walking about 3 1/2 miles and we actually walked out of the area. Then we went to an excommunicated member who is coming back to church that was really fun cause her younger cousin  and her husband came for the lesson and they are all just way cool. I would really like to just get area moved and go to Airdrie - the more people I meet there the better it gets. Then we had a really quick lesson then walked back to the flat. So, I think in total we probably walked about 5 miles that day so not too bad.

On Saturday we got a text from the Austins asking if we wanted to meet them for hot chocolate in the afternoon. So we met up with them and they asked us about what they needed to do logistic wise for their baptism so we talked to them about that and they were also wondering about how to tell their friends and family that they were joining the church. But then we had some bad news to break to them. President Brown said no to them getting baptized in Airdrie and that they would either have to get baptized in Cumbernauld or wait until they move towards the end of April. They said they would wait, but that is after moves so we will just have to see what happens.

Sunday we had the family history couple missionaries come to church and they spent the whole time talking about family history. Then we went out and did some more finding. It wasn't the most productive day but it was still good. So that is it for what happened this week.

Next weekend they will be having conference at the stake center in Glasgow on Saturday and Sunday and we will be able to go and the Austin's are going with us so that will be great. Love you,


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