Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Here is the e-mail we got today . . .

We are e-mailing a little earlier today because we are going hill walking with the Austins so that will be really fun. (When I e-mailed back and forth with him for a few minutes I asked him if hill walking was just walking in the hills or if there was more to it and he said it was pretty much just walking in the hills.)

So this week not too much happened. On Monday we took one of the young men from the ward out tracting with us. We did try by a few people but none of them were home.  Tuesday was pretty good. We did a lot more tracting and we found a street that missionaries had knocked on before and some people were more than happy to have us come back. Then we had dinner with a family and the daughter is a bit like Bryn - just wild and crazy - so it is always fun to go there. It was just the mom and her daughter, Heather, so one of the guys from the ward was there, too, and Heather kept threatening to punch him in the throat. She is a redhead and it is really easy to wind her up so it is always a lot of fun.

Wednesday (it was moves day so at least part of Wednesday was another p-day) we went to the church to use the computer to put the CDs of talks you have sent me on to my iPod. Then we spent the rest of the day having lunch with a family in the ward then we had ward choir practice and then dinner so not much happened that day. Thursday we got a new investigator, his name is Jazz and he is a born again but seems interested in learning about the church so that is really good.  Friday we did some service at the Salvation Army charity store and saw a less active person who is working to come back to church so that is great. Saturday was a lot of tracting again - nothing too exciting. Sunday after church we went to find some people that are on church records but have moved and didn't tell the church - they are called AUFs - Address Unknown Files. But while we were doing that, we saw and got stopped by a group of like 12 year olds smoking trying to be tough. I just ignored them but one kind of tried to burn Elder Rogers badge so that was crazy stuff. But, there really wasn't anything to worry about because they were 12 and like 4 feet tall so I wasn't worried. Then we had dinner with Heather and her mom again, so that is my week.

Also, we haven't been able to see Peter because one of his boys got sick and then he got sick so not much going on there. This Wednesday we will be having zone conference so it will be good to see other missionaries and then next week we have zone development day again but it will be combined with my old Paisley zone so that will be really fun.

This is what he wrote about zone development day in the e-mail he sent to Dru. For the next zone development day we got challenged by my old Paisley zone to a battle for the River Clyde so that will be really fun. Then last night we got a voice mail from Elder "Bane" (someone doing a Bane voice) and he just gave this big monologue about how they are going to beat us. The best part was he said "You think you can defeat us - a zone so secret we aren't even in the mission song." That bit had me laughing because when I was in that zone and we sang the mission song we would all say Paisley at one point instead of one of the other places in the song. So this next week is going to be good and I'll be getting to see other missionaries.


  1. Hi, I am "Peter", I hope you don't mind me saying that Mason is a truly inspirational young man, it is so refreshing to find a young man with so much faith and passion for the church. He is a credit to you and you should all be very proud of him & the work he is doing.
    Mason was at my home tonight and I thought as a parent it would be nice to let you know just how hard Mason is working teaching me about The Book of Mormon & sharing the word of the Lord.

    As Mason has told you I have a friend who is a member of the church and have never been interested in learning more about the church.
    That soon changed & I welcomed Mason into my home after I noticed the Elders go round the homes in my street trying to share their knowledge yet unfortunately receiving rejection after rejection. Somehow Mason continued to knock each and every door and introduce himself with a smile. (That in its self is a testament of how resilient Mason is)
    When I opened my door to the Elders I was initially going to turn them away, however Mason's ability to smile and remain positive intrigued me and made me change my mind.

    I am now slowly rebuilding my faith by reading The Book of Mormon and through the Elders teachings the bible is finally beginning to make sense to me.

    I look forward to seeing him again next week.

    1. Peter, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! It totally made our day. We are so grateful that you invited Mason and his companion into your home to share their message. We couldn't have sent our son so far away from home for 2 years if we didn't know what he is teaching you is true. We pray for Mason and those he has the opportunity to teach, so know that you are in our prayers. We look forward to continue hearing how you are doing. We really do appreciate you taking the time to write this comment - it means the world to us and it reassures us that we wouldn't want him anywhere else! You are always welcome to comment - it was such a nice surprise to hear from you. Thanks, again!
      Stephanie (Mason's mom)