Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Here is Mason's e-mail from today - and for anyone who is counting - he has been gone 6 months tomorrow!  One-fourth done - only 3 more 6 months to go.

So the Austin's are back on track.  They went to another ward in a place called Airdrie that is still in our district and it is actually a bit closer for them than the Cumbernauld ward, but they loved it and are really looking forward to getting baptized! The meeting with Peter went great and he is loving what we are teaching him and we will be seeing him again on Wednesday. So, me and Elder Rogers are staying together in Cumbernauld for another six weeks (moves/transfers are this Wednesday).  I am glad I am staying because of the Austins.

We weren't able to go to the Birds of Prey Center (a place in Cumbernauld that I found on the Internet and told him about because he said they hadn't been able to find anything to do on P-days) but since I will be here for another 6 weeks we will have plenty of time to go there, and there is an Irn Bru factory (soda pop made in Scotland) not too far away so we are going to do a tour of that sometime.

Saturday (Mason's birthday) was pretty much a normal day.  We went and saw one of the members and he found out from Elder Rogers that it was my birthday and he gave me £30 - he is a really good guy. Then later on we went and saw another family and it was also the dad's birthday so we had birthday cake with them and talked to them for a little while.  Then we went to Tesco (a grocery store) and got a cake and ordered kebabs so that was fun.  

Sunday, we saw the Austins again because they loved Airdrie and we answered some questions they had, then we went to a member's house for dinner. So, that is pretty much my week. Love and miss you guys.


And we got finally got some new pictures . . .in his last e-mail he said he thinks he has lost about 30 pounds and he looks thinner in these pictures.

 He bought some red velvet pop tarts at an American candy store that is close to them - they don't sound good to me but Mason said they weren't bad.

They found this big triple combination while they were cleaning their flat.

The Austins taught Mason and his companion how to make some fry bread/scone kind of things so these next few pictures they made them at their flat.

Mason's birthday cake and the kebab he ate for his birthday dinner.

They got a mission yearbook and this is the cover.

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