Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

So I am emailing from the mission home right now. We had to come down to Edinburgh  because our car is getting recalled, so we will be getting another teams car.

So On Tuesday we didn't have district meeting so that day was mainly driving around and finding. Until we went to the croft and did some more service. Wednesday it was finding nothing to exciting there. 

Thursday we went down to Inverness and blitzed the area. That was really fun, me and Elder Perkins had dinner with Gale which was great to see her again. She also gave me a present, and I am now a Laird which is the Scottish version of a Lord because I now own a square foot of land in the Highlands. How sweet is that. But then that night we went out and got some wood and we had a campfire in the back yard of the Inverness flat mainly because they had big marshmallows and we all got some stuff from the Jehovah's witnesses so we made some smores which was awesome. 

Friday we drove back up to Thurso and then later we had a lesson with the Billingtons (I told you about them in one of my last emails, the son is a recent convert). 
Saturday was service Saturday and then we got the call about our car. It was nice since it didn't rain for a few days so it was all nice and dry, well dryer then it has been, at the croft. 

Sunday after church it was cleaning out the car and getting it ready for the drive down. 

So nothing to glamorous here. 

Here are some pictures - the first picture is borrowed from Elder Kinville's blog and the last three pictures are from lunch today in Edinburgh - one of the members in Edinburgh took them to lunch while they were there and she sent me the pictures on Facebook.



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