Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

We are now officially in the second half of Mason's mission - his year mark has come and gone!  Here is the e-mail we got today with a few pictures of his "hump" day . . . 

It's weird that its now the second half of my mission. This week not to much happened, it was a bit of a slow week so we didn't see too many people. But we did see Daniel, the metaphysics guy, and we took Michael the crazy one with us. We called it Michael vs. Daniel and the first lesson we had with them this week in the first ten minutes of the lesson we talked about crystals, abortion, feminist poetry, and Nostradamus. So that was fun. That was pretty much the highlight of this week. It's always interesting to see Daniel cause he talks about his Metaphysics and it sounds like the most complicated live action role play ever. We saw Marcin twice this week the second time he didn't have a lot of time so we just went crazy fast and hard it was awesome. If you want to see what we do with Marcin look up "zuu" on Youtube. 

On Sunday I had to give a 15 minute talk but I ended up only giving a bit less then five minutes because Sister Solum took 20 minutes and then the stake president was there and wanted to give a few remarks so that was kinda nice. 

I got your package on Thursday during studies thanks so much I love the picture book it's so cool. But on Thursday we got some bad news - Pizza Hut is closing on the 27th of the month so Elder Kinville is depressed. 

Friday we didn't do a whole lot for my hump day we did burn a white shirt which I have a video of. There were some shirts that other missionaries had left behind so I just burned one of those instead of one of mine. Then that night we got some pizza from a place called Apaches Pizza so that was pretty fun. 

Then on Saturday the zone leaders came for a surprise blitz of the area. I went with Elder Barton (one of the other Elders from Cottonwood) so that was great - we just talked about home and when we were in Ayr district together. So this has been a pretty good week over all. Love and miss you guys so much.

These are pictures before and after the white shirt burning and at the end of the pictures there is a link to a video of the shirt burning.

Video of the white shirt burning

I am having trouble playing the video from this link - hopefully it works but if it doesn't I will try and get it fixed . . .

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