Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Mason e-mailed later than usual today, but we finally did hear from him - here is his e-mail . . . 

Sorry I'm emailing so late - we worked out with Marcin this morning and the library closes from 1-2 pm

This week was pretty good it was a bit slow on the teaching side. But on Tuesday Elders MacFarlane (district leader) and his companion Elder Stoker came up and blitzed our area after district meeting which was a lot of fun. We mainly did some finding, but at night we had some real fun. We made fajitas and oreo milkshakes and played around it was great. 

Wednesday morning we had to get up at 5:15 because the sisters had to go to a meeting in Scotland so we took their car for the day. We mainly took the car so we could get my bike fixed. The Elder who was here before me messed up my bike so we needed to take it to get it fixed so that was most of the day. Then we had dinner with the Harrnos family - they are really cool. The husband is German and the wife is from Utah, and Syd would love their two little boys they are really funny. Then we had to go to the airport because the sisters were back and we got a bus back to the flat. 

Thursday we did go to Pizza Hut and we will be able to go one last time this week. Then we got a call from the bike shop saying my bike was already done so we borrowed the car from the sisters again to pick it up. We got caught in major traffic so that was our day done. Dublin traffic is the worst!!!

Friday not much really happened on Friday or Saturday other then seeing Marcin Saturday morning. 

Sunday after church we went to Reynaldo's for dinner with the sisters then we taught Marcin and his family which was really cool. His kids needed to go to bed for school today so it was a short lesson but still really good. 

So that was our week. It is crazy that moves call is on Sunday this move has gone by so fast. I don't know what will happen with move but Elder Kinville has been here for six months so he most likely will be getting moved but we will see. 

Love and miss you. 

Mason didn't send any pictures but I "stole" this picture from his companion's blog from this week - thank you Kinvilles!! These are the 4 elders in their district.

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