Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Mason's e-mail from today - 
So this week everything kinda fell through. Tuesday at district meeting we got a call from President and he said he couldn't let me go to the Austin's baptism since it would open up a whole can of worms of missionaries wanting to go all over the mission for baptisms. The Austins still got baptized and I talked to them on the phone for a little while. They were saying how they want me to move down to Glasgow ward. And we didn't go to the mission home because the Whites cancelled. 
Tuesday we had a lesson with the Newtons. Luke Glanville and his wife Eden came and it was really good. We talked quite a bit on scripture study and how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul. So it went really good. Luke is the Elders quorum President and is a really good teacher.

Not much really happened this week. On Wednesday we had a lesson with the Ewarts who are really cool. Irene, the mom, is employed by the cathedral by where they live and that is really the only thing stopping them from joining the church. So they are doing really well.

Friday was the ward Halloween party. We had a Trunk-or-Treat as well. Inside the church we also had some fun Halloween games. The Ewarts came and really had fun. During the actual Trunk-or-Treating me and Elder Kemp were manning the Hayball's car.

Saturday not much happened. We went and saw Fred. But other then that not much happened, and we were in the flat at 6 had dinner and weekly planned so that was our exciting Halloween.

Sunday after church we went and had lunch at the bishop's with the Hayballs. Then we went back to the Hayball's flat to help them close it down and we are getting quite a bit of stuff from them. Last night we got a rug for our living room and a whole bunch of food stuff so that was really nice. Then we went with the Hayballs as they said good-bye to some of the members. But there will be a big going away party for them tonight at the church so that should be fun,

Anyway that is all for this week. Love and miss you guys so much. 
Here is another picture Mason sent - he must be in the town center of Montrose.

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