Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9, 2015

Here is Mason's e-mail for this week - and I just realized today is November 10 which means Mason has been gone 14 months today - only 10 more months to go (actually a little less)!!!

Moves call was last night and I am staying, and Elder Kemp is moving to Northern Ireland. My new companion's name is Elder Johnson who only has 2 moves left. The Hayballs left last week and just about gave us their whole kitchen. We got a new set of plates and bowls, silverware, and a rug and coffee table. Their car is gone no one is getting it so it is one of the 9 cars the mission is losing. 

So this week on Tuesday after district meeting we went and saw Fred, then we went and helped the Hayballs move their stuff out and over to our flat. Then we had dinner. 

Wednesday we went and saw William and Shannon, we started to do the stop smoking program with them. They are doing pretty well and it will be fun to keep teaching them. Then in the evening we had a lesson with the Newtons. We taught them about keeping the Sabbath day holy and it seemed to go pretty well, but they still didn't come to church. 

Thursday we saw Fred at the church and watched On the Lord's Errand,  the movie about Pres. Monson, then we taught a guy we met on the street named Simon who was pretty nice. We gave him a church tour and taught the Restoration so that went pretty well. Then since it was Bonfire night (Guy Fawkes night) we had to be in our flat by 5 unless we had an appointment we could get driven to and from. But we went to the Glanville's for dinner since they live just across the street from us. That was really fun we stayed there from 5:30 to 9 and we are going over tonight since Elder Kemp is moving. 

Friday we went and saw William and Shannon, they were at Shannon's parent's house so we went over there. Then we had another lesson with a guy we meet on the street named Adrian who we will probably not be going to see again.  Then we went to the Ewart's and had a really good Word of Wisdom lesson with them. They weren't able to make it to church this week cause Irene had a work meeting at the Cathedral she is employed with. Then it was back to the flat. 

Saturday we did service at the British Heart and I found a pretty cool laptop bag which I bought and will use when I come home. Then we went to Fred's and then did some finding the rest of the day. 

Sunday after church we had to hang around because the Hayball's couches were being brought from their flat since the ward bought them so we hung around to help get them into the church. Then we went and had lunch with Bishop and his wife and we ended up staying till almost 6. Then bishop gave us a lift to the flat where we dropped off our church stuff and got moves call. Then Elder Kemp spent the rest of the night packing. So that is what happened this week. Love and miss you guys. 

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