Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason this week -

So for this week the Invergordon elders took us down to Invergordon. After emailing we went down to Inverness really quick so Elder Burgess could gain his immortality (by drinking water out of Loch Ness).

Then on Tuesday after district meeting we went to Inverness and pretty much just GQed all day. But while I was with the new greenie in Inverness we met some members from Utah. They said they were with a big tour group from Utah but then Elder Hollburg, the greenie, wanted to chap so we headed off to do that. But on the way from the other side of the road we heard a bunch of people yell out "hey Elders" and it was the whole group waiting at a bus stop to get picked up by their bus so we talked to them really quick and they took some pictures of us. One of them asked if you were on the facebook page mission moms or mission mamas, she said she would but the pictures on that page for you to see. (But I haven't seen it yet.)

Then after the finding we went to the Sutherland's which was great, then Sister Sutherland showed us a cool place which I took pictures of and will be on the Dropbox, we then went to the Culloden battlefield and I have a video of Sister Sutherland talking about it and that will also be on Dropbox tomorrow. So that was a fun day.

Wednesday it was more finding. But then all four of us got to go to Gail's which was great! Then we went to YSA there were only 4 of them but it was awesome to see them again so we just played some games with them and had fun.

Thursday it was back up to Thurso then after shopping and cleaning it was finding the rest of the day. Friday was croft service which was nice - I got to do some work with Alfie the bigger horse which was awesome. Sister Tolworthy said if it wasn't for the no horseback riding rule she would have me riding Alfie which would be awesome.

Saturday after the charity shop it was more finding.

Sunday after church more finding. But we did get to speak with some cool people and set up an appointment for Tuesday so hopefully that goes through. So this was a good week. But due to the blitz we weren't able to see Rebbeca and Arran or Lee and Naomi but we have it all set up to see them this week.

But for finding we have been told to just stay in Thurso but it is actually working pretty well. And with what you said about not getting trunky, yesterday I prepared my last planner. I will forward my travel planes to you when I get them.

Love and miss you guys.

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