Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason this week - 

This week has been crazy - no one had any idea what was going on this moves. But Elder Burgess (Mason's new companion) is pretty cool and he is from Australia. He was going to bring a car with him but then we found out his Australian PROVISIONAL license isn't good over here. You need to be 21 to get a full license in Australia. So Inverness kept the car because their car is going to Germany for some reason. 

So this week, Tuesday we got up and got on a bus to Inverness. Once we got there we got Elder Kinville on the train to Edinburgh then I waited with Elder Hornburger for our new companions. Invergordon was there as well so I hung out with Elder Sorenson for some of the day. Then our companions showed up and we were told by the zone leaders to spend the night in Inverness and I had nothing so I ended up wearing everything for two days in a row. 

Wednesday the ZLs showed up and took Inverness' car and said the car they brought up still needed to be assigned to either us or Inverness so we had to hang around with them until we heared from the AP's. They said to give the car to us but then we found out about the license problem so Inverness kept the car and we took the 3 hour bus ride up to Thurso. After that we went and saw Lee and Naomi so that was fun. 

Also something else that happened on Wednesday after seeing Lee and Naomi  -- our bus didn't show up so about 9:20 we gave up on the bus and started walking the 5-6 miles back to Thurso. And it is mainly fields between Thurso and Castletown , where Lee and Naomi live. But after walking about a mile or two some nice guy turned around and gave us a lift back to Thurso so that was lucky without that we would have gotten into the flat around midnight. So that's one taste of Thurso without a car. 

Thursday we did shopping and looked to see what Elder Burgess would need to do to get a UK license and it will take 6-8 weeks. So we called the ZLs to see what they could do and they said that no one will be getting e-moved (emergency moved) up and the mission doesn't have any cars to give to a team. Then we went out to Wick and saw Rebecca and Arran real quick. 

Friday we went over to the Tolworthys since there was a branch service project on Saturday. We didn't have to do any mucking out but we did some mega weeding; then we washed the horses. 

Saturday we went to the branch service project which was painting the Winkles croft it was really fun. We were there the whole day and painted their whole house. They also gave us lunch and dinner. 

Sunday after church we went and tried by some people and that was about it since we can't really leave Thurso on Sundays because the buses stink. 

So that was our crazy week I am so done with the car thing so this week is ZIT and we are going to talk with president about this and see what he can do. So next move one of us will more than likely be moving I kinda hope I stay I really like the members here and all the service we get to do. Love and miss you guys. 

Here is a picture borrowed from Elder Kinville's blog - their last companion selfie. Now Elder Kinville isn't Mason's companion we probably won't get many pictures!

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