Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016

Here is the short e-mail we got from Mason today - they got moves calls last night and Mason now only has one more moves call that he could get transferred - but for now he is staying in Thurso.

Yesterday me and Elder Kinville were talking and it ended with me getting the phone and counting how many days I have left. Then I just sat there and said "why did I do that to myself, I am so trunky" but then I got over it. So with moves call Elder Kinville is moving to Livingston, the same ward Ann Harrison lives in so she is really happy about that. Elder Kinville is super pumped to go to Livingston. My new companion is Elder Burgess. He is in Aberdeen right now and I have seen him at Zone stuff but never talked to him, and he will be coming with a car, the AP's told us that last night.

But this week was about the same as usual we weren't able to see Rebecca and Arran this week but we did see Lee and Naomi and every one else we normally see. 

In addition to the Tolworthy's we also went and helped out at the Winkle's croft so that was fun. We also had dinner with the Jones which is always fun. One of their sons, who lives in the states, is getting married soon and two of the Jones girls are making the wedding cake so when we go over there we get to try some of the cakes they have made. Then right after the Jones we had branch council which was good. 

Also with moves call the whole day was stressful cause no one in the district got the call till 10:00 so every one was freaking out. 

Other then that everything was about the same. 

Love and miss you guys. 

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