Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

The e-mail we got from Mason was kind of short today since we talked to him yesterday - we didn't have a great connection so he was pretty blurry - but it was still great to see him and talk to him!! Here are a few pictures from our Skype call . . . 

And here is today's e-mail . . . 

(Mason and his companion started the week going to Invergordon, then Tuesday they went to Inverness, and Wednesday morning they went to Edinburgh for an all-Scotland mission conference). Tuesday we blitzed Inverness and it was just GQing all day. But me and Elder Kinville got to go to Gail's so that was great. 

Wednesday we had to get up at about 3:20 a.m. to get to Edinburgh by 8:00 just to be sure. We went down with Invergordon which is always fun. Then we had All Scotland. This one it was just instruction. no interviews. They split us up into Zones and had us go to different rooms and the Zone Leaders gave us all different instructions. After it was all over we started off again and stayed the night with Invergordon. 

Thursday we helped Invergordon out with a service project at a nursing home that one of the Invergordon members works at. Then they drove us back to Thurso and spent the rest of the day with us because Elder Roach was shattered. We went and saw the Billingtons and had an unexpected BBQ with them because the weather was so good. And during the BBQ at one point all four of us Elders did the cinnamon challenge. It was all really fun. 

Friday we did weekly planing in the morning and some other paper worky stuff. Then we did some finding. Then we went to the Jones' for dinner they are so cool. 

Saturday it was the usual service Saturday but we had to leave the croft a bit early because the branch was having a farewell party for one of the members who is going on her mission to Canada. 

Sunday was church and Skype. 

So it has been a week full of travel, but it's been a good week. Love and miss you guys.

Here are some pictures from the conference in Edinburgh (borrowed from Elder Kinville's blog again - thank goodness Elder Kinville takes pictures . . . )

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