Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

Today we are emailing from the Invergordon church. The missionaries from Invergordon came up this morning and picked us up to take us to Inverness. We have an all Scotland conference on Wednesday so me and Elder Kinville are going to blitz Inverness tomorrow.

So this week not to much happened Tuesday we had dinner with our branch mission leader.

Wednesday was just a long day of finding but when we were walking by Thurso beach we saw a big log that had drifted in. So me and Elder Kinville decided to do the Les Mis "retrieve the flag" pose but then we realized that it took both of us to lift one end of the log because it was at least 300 pounds! Anyway we did it and took some pictures.

Thursday we went and saw a less active lady named Brenda. We were going to see Rebecca and Aaron but there wasn't another guy to come with us so we had to reschedule. Then we went and saw the Billingtons which was great. 

Friday we did some finding around Thurso and then we went to a member's house, the Winkles, and did some work on there croft. Then we had branch council.

Saturday was a normal Saturday. But at the Tolworthy croft I got to clean one of the horses hooves. Its really cool getting to work with horses and learning more about them. 

Sunday after church we went and had lunch with the branch president. Then we went and saw the Billingtons again with him, because he wanted to see how they were doing. 

And that was it for this week. Love and miss you guys.

This is a picture from Elder Kinville's blog - they got caught in a rain/hail storm and took cover in a bus shelter.

The log they found on Thurso beach

Apparently they are still a little bitter about not having a car . . .

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