Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Here is the e-mail we got today . . . still no car . . . 
This week has been okay for the most part. When we need to go to Wick we get an hour nap on the bus so there is a good thing about not having a car. So this week. On Tuesday we were going to see Rebecca and Aaron but Rebecca's brother-in-law wasn't able to make it so we just rainchecked it to Thursday. So we went by David and what a surprise he was drunk but we went in and talked to him. It was alright he was saying how he wants to stop smoking and drinking so we will be helping him with that this week. 

Wednesday not much happened during the day. But we got invited to play basketball with the youth since they figured me and Elder Kinville would have the most experience with it. So that was really fun. 

Thurday we went and saw Rebecca and Aaron and it went pretty well. Other then that I can't really remember anything else happening on Thursday that would be noteworthy. 

Friday we were going to see the Billingtons but they had to cancel so we will be seeing them later this week. But we ended up having a meeting with the branch mission leader. 

Saturday was the usual service Saturday. But at the croft, Sister Tolworthy wants to learn leather work and she got some leather and basic stuff at Tandy to make some stuff for the horses so I gave her a bit of a leather working lesson which was great. Then they gave us a lift to the flat.

Sunday we walked around Thurso after church then we had dinner with the branch President and then he gave us a lift back to the flat and that was that. Sorry Thurso isn't too exciting but that was our week. 

Love and miss you. 
Here is a picture I borrowed from Elder Kinville's blog Mason, then two missionaries from their district, and then Elder Kinville on the right.

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