Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason today . . . 

It was moves call last night and we are both staying together, but Elder Perkins (district leader) is moving down to Edinburgh but only president and the AP's know what he will be doing all he was told was that its new and creative. So this week it was just a lot of finding and some service. But we did get to see two less actives. One named Brenda is older and lives in a care home, when we went to see her she invited one of her friends from the home to play chess with Elder Kinville and I played Brenda. Then the other one's name is Rebecca and she wants to get her 7 year old son baptized and his birthday is in May we just need to get her active again, but that is something good to work for. We have an appointment with them again on Wednesday.

Also something really cool I got to do at the croft this week was I got to wash one of the horses then I dried him off and warmed him up. I took him on a bit of a run, just leading him, and Sister Tolworthy commented that I did pretty good at leading the horse. Also on our way back from the croft, Elder Kinville hit and killed a bunny so we turned around and got some pictures of it. Elder Kinville felt like a terrible person the rest of the night. 

On Tuesday when we Skyped with with our district in Inverness for our district meeting we had a bit of fun - we went with our top halves all dressed up but had pajama bottoms on and with the table we were sitting at they couldn't see our pajama bottoms so it was the most comfortable district meeting ever. We need to have some fun so we don't go crazy. 

It is crazy that I only have 3 moves left. I for sure am going to keep working hard. Also the Ewarts (from Montrose - Mason's last area) emailed me and they are getting baptized!!! Sadly, I won't be able to go so that is another one I am missing out on, but it is still awesome. 

Sorry this was a bit short but that was pretty much the only exciting things about this week. Love and miss you guys. 

Here is a picture from their district meeting with the pajama bottoms - he also sent pictures of the dead rabbit they hit with their car, but I won't post those.


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