Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

 Here is today's e-mail from Mason . . .

So the week started out pretty nice. On Monday we went to the Jones' for dinner which was awesome. 

Tuesday we started off by doing some yard work for a less active lady, but while doing that the assistants called and asked if we could drive, I said we couldn't, and they said they would work something out and give us a call and don't drive the car. But we had to so we could get to the croft on Wednesday

(They have provisional driver's licenses for one year after they get to the United Kingdom. So, Mason hasn't been able to drive since September and Elder Kinville just passed his one year mark so he shouldn't be driving either. They didn't think they would both stay in Thurso because they need a car and neither one of them is able to drive without getting a UK driver's license and that costs about $400 or $500. That is why Mason said they couldn't drive.)

Wednesday it was really just croft service.

Thursday the APs called and we thought we would be in a trio or an have an emergency move and one of us would get transferred. But they are TAKING THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!! So this is going to suck, and this move is another 7 week one.
We also started using the buses on Thursday we went to Rebecca, the one who wants her son to get baptized, we ended up just hanging around with them and then we were going to go to the Billingtons but we just barely missed our bus and the next one wasn't for 2 freaking hours!!! Then we got a bus back to Thurso. 

Friday we weekly planned. Then Elder Kinville had a doctors appointment cause his ear was blocked up. Then we went to a members house for dinner. After that we had a meeting with our branch mission leader. And the Zone Leaders called that night to talk to us about getting the car down. Elder Clay and Elder Roach were going to come up to Thurso and we drove down with them to Inverness so the ZL's could get the car to Aberdeen. Then we told them about our area and how spread out it is and that for most of the members for us to go to see them they would have to pick us up and drop us off, which would be a 2 hour trip for them, and that we couldn't spend the day around the members cause there are about 5 houses with in 2 miles around those members. So they told us to call them at the end of this week to see how it goes up here without a car and they would see what they can do.  

Saturday we did service at New Start Highland then Elder Clay and Elder Roach came up and we went down to Inverness. That night all six of us stayed in Inverness and had another camp fire night.

Sunday we had stake conference and it was so good to see everyone again. Everyone remembered me and was really happy to see me again. But we only got an hour of stake conference cause the broadcast cut out. Then we went to one of the members houses for lunch, all six of us. Then the Invergordon team went back up to Invergordon. We did some finding then we went to Gail's. It is always great going to Gail's. Then Inverness picked us up and dropped us off at the Invergordon flat where we stayed the night. And now we are emailing in Invergordon and then they will drive us back up. 

Also I found out what Elder Perkins is doing. They put five missionaries together and gave them one of the mission vans so now they just drive around the mission and blitz different city centres. We have called it the "Wolf Pack". 

Love and miss you guys.   

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