Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Here is this week's e-mail from Mason - this coming Sunday will be moves call again already and it will be 19 months since he left - only 4 1/2 months to go!!
So this week has been good - here is what happened. Tuesday we didn't have much going on, but later we had to drive down to Inv

ergordon and spend the night with the missionaries there. It was so much fun they had this game called "Boss Monster" which was just crazy fun.
Wednesday morning we got up at 4 a.m. to get ready to make the drive down to Aberdeen for ZIT (zone meeting), and even the drive down was so much fun - one of the Elders, Elder Roach, was trained by Elder Barton. But when we got there we found out that ZIT was going to be in the YSA room instead of in the chapel. So we had the most relaxed meeting ever. I got a big leather arm chair which was great - best seat in the place, and I didn't fall asleep. Then after ZIT we stayed the night at Invergordon again and played Boss Monster again and had a great time.
We woke up Thursday morning and drove up to Thurso, and got showered because we just woke up and left from Invergordon, then went to the Tolworthys for service. This time we were mucking out the cow's stall which hasn't been mucked out in about a year so it really needed it.
Friday we went over to the Tolworthys again in the morning since we couldn't come on Saturday cause of conference. The cow broke the stall gate so me and Elder Kinville built a new one out of some old wood they had around. Then we had branch council later on. So that was Friday
Saturday we did service at New Start Highland then we went to try by that one drunk less active in Wick, then we weekly planned since he wasn't in. Then we went to the Jones' house for conference. The Jones are an American family who live up here in Thurso, and they are so cool. So we watched conference and the LDS World Report with them which was really cool.
Sunday we went to the church to watch conference and the computer was hooked up to the TV in case anyone wanted to watch it at the church. So we watched the Priesthood session by ourselves. The choir was made up of students from the Logan Institute and I was looking at the choir to see if any were wearing tartan ties, and one of them was. It was really cool then I recognized the guy wearing it as Elder Thackary an old Zone Leader of mine and one of Elder Barton's old companions. I turned to Elder Kinville and just yelled "its Elder Thackary" then he recognized him and we both had a mini freak out. Then for the Saturday afternoon session some members showed up and we watched it with them.
Then afterwards we went to a member's house, the Winkles, to watch the Sunday morning session but they couldn't get it because their the broadband was to narrow so we ended up just having dinner with them so we still have two sessions to watch.
That was our week love and miss you. 
Here is a picture of the cow with the new stall gate they made (borrowed from Elder Kinville's blog).

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when they made smores with the missionaries in Inverness.

This picture is for Bryn - this is Elder Crowe who was in a Mormon boy band - Beyond 5 - before he went on his mission. Mason and Elder Crowe were in the same zone for a while so Mason took this picture for Bryn.

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