Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 23, 2016

This is a couple of days late, but here is Mason's e-mail from Monday this week with some cool pictures.

So this week. Tuesday after district meeting we went to the Winkles to do some service. Their house was supposed to get painted on Saturday but they had to cancel due to the weather. But we went over and power washed their house to get it ready. Then we went with them to an old Iron age ruin which was really cool, I almost didn't get in cause the entry way is really small and for the first bit you have to army crawl to get in. 

Wednesday we went to Wick and saw Rebecca and Arran again and had another pretty good lesson with them. Then after that we got a lift from the branch President in Wick and went to his house for dinner. But on the way there he gave me the "get married as soon as possible after you get home" speech. So that was fun.

Thursday we were back out to Wick to visit some less actives one of them is into crystals and crystal healing so she gave us a set of crystals. Then we had a quick meeting with another less active in Wick. Then back off to Thurso for dinner with the ward mission leader, Fraser. 

Friday we went over to the Tolworthy's croft instead of Saturday since we thought the branch would be having the paint the Winkles croft on Saturday, but then they called it off. But we spent pretty much the whole time mucking out the sheep pen. The muck was about a foot deep, and almost two in some places. 

Saturday after the charity shop we went back over to the Tolworthy's to help out some more. We cleaned out the barn a bit then helped tidy up inside. 

Sunday we didn't do too much after church - pretty much just GQing but no one was out. 

Invergordon came up again today and we went out to Old Castle Wick were there are awesome cliffs and took tons of pictures all wearing kilts. 

So that has been our week. Love and miss you guys. 

Here are some pictures they took wearing their kilts - 

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