Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016

It is hard to believe but this is Mason's last e-mail from Scotland!! He will be home next Tuesday, August 16!! Here it is -

This week has been crazy! Monday we saw alot of awesome stuff in Orkney. I will try and upload some pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday was a lot of GQing (still in Orkney) and we taught a lesson with the Harts (senior missionary couple) which was really good. Then back to GQing till I got the call from Pres. so we called Elder Hart and asked him to come pick us up. Then we got kebabs since the Harts have never had them before, and they really liked them. Then I called you, while I was trying to call you the Harts and Elder Arave were taking bets on if I would leave or not and they all said I would leave.

Wednesday we got on the ferry and got some food and cleaned the car then drove down to Inverness. 

Thursday we got up at four in the morning to drive down to Edinburgh. Then we had our conference and we had to hang around for a while after for me to get a temple recommend interview. I also got the tartan stuff. Then it was back up to Inverness. 

Friday we got up to Thurso and did some chapping then went to the Jones' for dinner

Saturday it was Service Saturday

Then Sunday we saw Lee and Naomi after chapping in a wind storm. We literally almost got blown off the door steps and couldn't even hear what people were saying. But it was fun cause it was kinda warm and not raining. 

But that was our week. 

It is crazy that this is the last email. Well all I can say about my mission is how great it has been, there have been the ups and downs but it has been great getting to meet so many great people. And learning so much about the gospel. And I know the church is true. 

Love and miss you guys see you in a week.  

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