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August 1, 2016

Only one more e-mail from Mason after this one!!  Mason actually called me earlier today!! There is a missionary that is sick and is coming home. President Donaldson called Mason and asked him since he doesn't have a "traveling partner" when he is coming home if he would like to come home THIS SATURDAY with the other missionary. So, Mason called to see what I thought. I told him we would take him any time he wanted to come home, but after talking for a few minutes I could tell he really wanted to stay and finish the last two weeks and end his mission with the rest of his group. The first day of his mission they climbed Pratt's Hill and they do that again on their last day and a few other things that he decided he didn't want to miss out on. He called President Donaldson back and told him if the other missionary needed someone to travel with him then he would be willing to go, but if not, he would prefer to stay and finish the last two weeks. I got an e-mail a few minutes after I talked to him, and he said he is staying until the 16th (which is probably a good thing since we are in the middle of repainting and redoing a few things in his bedroom!!). So here is his e-mail today from Orkney Islands.

So a change of pace for this week I am on the Orkney Islands right now (Orkney Islands are islands northeast of mainland Scotland). I'll tell you more about that later in the email. 

So for this week on Tuesday it was a lot of finding. But then we went and had FHE at Lee and Naomi's which was fun, they said it went better then they thought it would. 

Then Wednesday we chapped all day.

Thursday we did finding most of the day. But we did manage to get a lesson with this one girl named Fay. We have had one lesson with her before. But we had dinner with one member family who lived just outside of Thurso, but the opposite direction from Fay. But Elder Arave was able to get us there on time, and we had a good lesson.

Friday was service day. We went to the Winkles in the morning and helped them out with the living roof they want to do. We had to put a rubber mat under the stone tiles of their roof so we had to take off the bottom two rows of tiles then but them back on. It was pretty tricky but really fun. Then we went over to the Tolworthys and mostly just mucked out the outside horse pen. Then during that we got a call from Elder Hornberger. The Orkney branch was having a baptism and they needed another witness and they asked us if we would be able to go on Saturday for that. We said we could go up on Saturday, then Elder Hornburger said the zone leaders would call us and let us know what was going on. 

So Saturday morning we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that we were going to Orkney until Wednesday! We thought we would just be going to the baptism and back since the ferry is only an hour and a half. But president said if we were going we were going to do some work up here. So we had to pack really quick. Then we went to New Start, but we had to leave a bit early. Then we really quick got some lunch and then booked it to the ferry which we almost missed but we just made it. Then we went to the baptism which was nice. Then the senior couple up here took us back to their flat. We are staying with them while we are up here. Then we chapped up here the rest of the day. 

Sunday we had church then we chapped the rest of the day. 

So the unexpected trip to Orkney was a bit hectic but it is really cool to be up here. 

But for my schedule my last week as far as I know right now, I'll be going to Inverness Saturday night. Then Sunday I'll be going to church there, then somehow getting to Edinburgh Sunday night. Then Monday we hike Pratt's hill and then whatever we want in Edinburgh. Then Tuesday we fly out. 

All Scotland (conference for all missionaries in Scotland) is going to be on Thursday of this week. 

Love and miss you, it is so crazy that I only have one more emailing day after this. 

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