Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason today with some pictures - only 21 more days until he is home!!

So this week has been good. Me and Elder Arave went to Dunnet's Head this morning in our kilts and got a ton of pictures so those will be uploaded today or tomorrow (pictures after the e-mail)

So Tuesday we had district meeting and then we helped out at a funeral for a member who I think was in her 90's. We never meet her but it was a nice small funeral. Then we went out to Wick and chapped the rest of the day. 

Wednesday we chapped in Wick all day again.

Thursday we got up early and went down to Inverness we got there about 10 then we went out and GQed all day, GQ means street contacting. 

Friday we GQed all day again and then me and the DL's companion Elder Holberg went to Gail's for dinner. It was great seeing some people from Inverness again. 

Saturday we got up and headed back up to Thurso. We got back to the flat then went right to the charity shop and did service there. Then we did some chapping. But then we had the branch BBQ which was a lot of fun. 

Sunday after church we did our weekly planing since we were in Inverness on Thursday. Then we saw Lee and Naomi.

So that was our week not to much exciting but it was still a fun week. 

 Love and miss you.

Here are the pictures he sent from Dunnet's Head - 

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