Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Only 3 more blog posts from Mason after this one - 29 days to go!!

So this week we did a lot of chapping so much chapping. Monday after emailing we went to Wick and we went to the tartan shop and when we walked in Elder Arave saw a tweed kilt jacket and vest. The owner saw him but it on and how well it fit and made him a deal. He said the jacket and vest is normaly £300 but he said he would sell it to him for £200. Elder Arave also got a kilt belt and buckle so he spent a lot of money he didn't mean to.

Tuesday we had a lesson set up so we took one of the young men in the ward with us, Zach Winkle. But the lady wasn't in so we chapped the rest of the street with Zach. Just when we were about at the end of the street one girl named Fay let us in and we got to teach her a quick lesson since she was just about to go somewhere. So we are hoping to see her sometime this week.

Wednesday was chapping. Then we went to a members house for dinner, the Gallaghers. They are pretty cool. We had oven pizza and it wouldn't stop, we would finish one pizza and then they would bring out another. But we did manage to eat about 7 oven pizzas between all of us that were there.

Thursday we did weekly planing then chapping. Then we went and saw Lee and Naomi.

Friday the Tolworthys weren't feeling good so we chapped.

Saturday we did service at the charity shop and then we went and did service at the Winkles.

Sunday after church we chapped. Then we had dinner and a meeting at our branch Presidents house.

So it was a good week but we weren't able to see Rebecca and Arran. But this week is going to fly by - we are going down to Inverness on Thursday for a two day blitz.

That was this week. Love and miss you.

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