Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Mason has now been gone 1 month - only 23 more to go!  If you have a minute to send him an e-mail I am sure he would love to hear from anyone who has time to write! His e-mail address and the address of his flat are on the right side of this blog.  As usual, we didn't get a lot of "extra" information from Mason and I didn't ask too many questions so it was kind of a short e-mail this week.  But here is what we got . . .

Do you get enough money in your monthly allowance to get what you need or do you feel like you don't get very much? And, do they have the members arrange to feed you dinner every night like they do in our ward?
I've got plenty to get what I need and we have dinners or lunch about twice a week with members. We had dinner with the Gilardi's as normal and then yesterday we had lunch right after church with another member, so we aren't just eating spaghetti or what ever else we have in the flat. 
What exactly was involved with the whole "kebaptism" you wrote about last week.  Did you just eat a kebab or what?
So with being kebaptized, Elder Tang performed it, my companion filmed it, and Elder Barton witnessed it. So Elder Tang said being commissioned by, and he said the name of the place where we got the kebabs, I kebaptize you in the name of the donner - a type of kebab, then something else, and the holy coke. Then I ate some of the kebab then Elder Tang said recieve the gift of the holy coke and I drank some coke. So that was the "kebaptism".  (So I guess it was pretty much just him eating a kebab . . . ) 
What did you do for zone development day?
For this zone development day my zone - the Paisley zone - got together with the Glasgow zone and we just played games the whole day like soccer with an exercise ball and capture the flag, stuff like that. It's also called zone play day. Then we went to a church and got some dinner.

What is your schedule for a typical day?

So a typical missionary day is we get up at 6:30 exercise for a 1/2 hour, then shower and get ready. Then it is personal study for an hour then companionship study for an hour. After that we go and try street contacting or trying by people we talked to on the street or less actives or former investigators; and if we don't have a dinner appointment we do that most of the day then at 8:00 we go back to the flat eat and plan then go to sleep. Thursdays are our weekly planing days so we are in the flat till about 2:00. 
Do you have anything planned for the rest of your P-day today, and where do you go to read and send e-mails?
So far we really don't have anything planed for P-day other then email, lunch, and shopping we will just see what happens YOLO! For emails we go to the ward building and use the computers there so we don't have to go to the library. 

How has the weather been so far?
The weather here has been fine most of the time. It's just perfect for me - a little on the colder side. But this past Thursday I was on exchanges with Elder Barton, so he is now my godfather in Stranraer (not sure what that means - that will be on my list of questions next week). After we got done doing service for an old man and got changed and had lunch it started to rain like crazy. Think of one of the worst rain storms in Utah and we were out knocking doors, but he does have a car so it's not like we had to walk three miles back to his place. But we had to go back to dry our clothes and go shopping then we made dinner so it was a pretty good day. We did get pictures of me and Elder Barton in the rain but I forgot my camera in the flat so I'll send the pictures next week.
Love you and miss you!



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