Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

I only asked Mason a few questions this week so here is his e-mail with a few comments from me (in blue) thrown in here and there . . . .
Hi - Thanks so much for the ring - it fits. I got it Wednesday and it was delivered to the flat. (He had a ring and he was playing with it - probably spinning it on a table or something - and it fell in a radiator.  I ordered a new one for him from Amazon UK and he got it in 2 days!).  I really like it. For Christmas (I have been asking him what he wants for Christmas . . . ) I can't think of anything I want for here in the mission, but one idea I had is that you could just get the presents and keep them in my room so when I come home it will be a giant delayed Christmas gift. (Really????) 
I have met Sister Douglas. (Sister Douglas is in our stake and I talked to her mother the other night at a stake primary meeting and we figured out they were in the same zone so I had asked him if he knew her.) I met her at the first district leader conference I went to because my companion is the district leader. I didn't recognize her but she recognized me. That was about my first or second week out here, so I just forgot to tell you in the other emails - sorry. I should be getting the package from the mission home this week or next cause the zone leaders need to go to the mission home to get it then it depends on when I see them next. So that's how that works. (I sent a package to the mission home about 4 weeks ago and he still doesn't have it!) I haven't gotten anything from G-ma yet did she send it to the mission home? (Yes, she did send it to the mission home so hopefully he will get both packages soon!) 
I really haven't done a whole lot new this week but we did get a new investigator named Christina.  She is a bit older like 55-60 (he better be careful throwing out those ages and saying she is a "bit older") and is lonely but we have seen her three times now and heard her whole life story 4 times. She has to keep telling it cause we have to bring a member with us every time we teach her. She is doing well and slightly progressing so we are hopeful. Other than that, there hasn't been anything too exciting here. I'll take some pictures of the flat for next week and send them to you (I told him we liked to get pictures so to take some of his flat or some of the things they do this week.)

 I'm going to be seeing Elder Barton today so I'll tell him hi (I told him to tell Elder Barton "hi" from me the next time he saw him.) and take pictures of what we do today.
Love and miss you guys.  

He didn't send these pictures, but someone posted them on the Scotland/Ireland mission Facebook page.  These are pictures taken at their last "zone deveopment/play day" they had with Mason's zone and the Glasgow zone. So I thought I would post them.  The first picture is just the Paisley zone and Mason is in the back left center and the Sister Douglas - the girl from our stake is on the front row second from the right.

And here is another one with his zone and the Glasgow zone together.

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