Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Here is Mason's e-mail(s) from today - he wrote a short e-mail to Dru so I am including some of that with the main e-mail he sends to me. 

(From Dru) How is the weather - what is "Fall" like in Scotland?
The fall season is pretty nice over here the leaves are changing color but the sky seems to always be gray which I do like.

(From Dru) Why do you have so much planning time on Thursdays?
The Thursday planing is weekly planing so we plan for the whole week, if you look in preach my gospel you will see why it takes till 2 in the afternoon there are thirteen points we have to go through like goal setting, planing on how to help less actives, and how to find people so it takes a while.

How are things going?  Are you doing okay? Are you getting along with your companion?  How is Ayr?
Yes, I am doing fine I get along pretty well with my companion, the city is pretty nice better then Stranraer where Elder Barton is.

What has been your favorite thing and least favorite thing since you have been in Scotland?
My favorite thing so far was this past week I went on exchanges again but with one of the zone leaders Elder deVrise and Elder Penmen, they are in a trio. We taught this father and son and all throughout the lesson you could see and feel that they were as we put it ''hard core feeling the spirit''. We committed them to be baptized - it isn't in my area but still really cool. Then when we got in their car we just cheered and screamed with excitement. It was like the scene from the movie The Best Two Years. But my least favorite thing is all the walking we have to do. 

He sent us these pictures from a day he did exchanges and was with Elder Barton, and here is what he said about the rain:  I have never been in rain like this before - a good 15 minutes and water had soaked through my trousers and was freely running down my leg so that's how it is here.


One other thing on they came out with a lot of videos about the life of Christ, which are some of the best church videos I have seen, but the actor playing Christ sounds English to me and it just made me think of the line from Knight's Tale '' The Pope may be French, but Jesus is English.'' Thought you might appreciate that. 

Love and miss you!

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