Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Here is the e-mail we got from Mason today (the comments in blue are from me).

So last P-day we took a train down to Elder Barton's area and met up with them and went for a bit of a hike in the woods that was really fun. I forgot my camera so Elder Barton has most of the pictures - I'll get him to email me the pictures. I did get the package you sent from Amazon (I sent him some root beer and Halloween candy through - the best thing ever!) and there is still some root beer left, thank you!!! The district leaders are going up to the mission home this week and they will get the package then they will give it to me the next time I see them (since I sent it 5 weeks ago I hope he gets it soon)

This week we found a new investigator named Carrie and her seven year old daughter, Erin. We taught her one lesson and it went a bit crazy because we were trying to teach about the restoration and Joseph Smith and then the member we brought with us at one point started to go off on the plan of salvation and temples, mainly because she asked about our beliefs on after death and families. But surprisingly I actually brought it back on track by simply telling the story of the first vision and the need for a restoration. My trainer was pretty proud so hopefully we will get to see her again. The investigator I told you about last week is seeming a bit flaky she says she isn't feeling well whenever we go by but hopefully we will be able to teach her again soon. And for her age - 50-60 might be a bit nice (I gave him a hard time about calling 55-60 kind of old)cause I think see looks about mid 70's and she smokes like a chimney. 

So it has been pretty cold out here its been about 45-50 degrees almost every day but the weather in Scotland basically is it looks like it's going to rain or it's raining. The other night we got back to our flat and had dinner and headed back out at 6 to try and see some people and it was lightly raining. Then it started raining harder and harder and we didn't see anyone so when we where close to the flat we went to the store and got some Ben and Jerry's ice cream really quick, and when we went outside it was practically a monsoon. We had to jog back to the flat. So we had walked about three hours in the rain in a loop for about 4-5 miles and we where soaking wet - our rain coats were almost soaked through and water had gotten through my pants ran down my leg and into my shoes so not exactly the most pleasant of days. 
Here are some pictures when Elder Barton and Elder Tang stayed over we had a towel whipping war Elder Barton got me good on the arm a few times. Then we have the posterity tie that is passed down from trainer to trainee. So that's me for this week love and miss you guys.  

Almost forgot - I will be getting a hair cut this week so no need to worry about that (I asked him if he had gotten a haircut since it has been two months since he got his hair cut before he left!). 

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