Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Not a whole lot has happened this week - mainly walking and finding me and my companion a bit mad at the sister missionaries here because they stole two investigators from us!!!!!  Yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner with the Gilardi's and it was really good. Sister Gilardi's family was there so it was a bit crazy. At the end Sister Gilardi brought out this game called Beanbozald where you pick a jelly bean and it could be something like either buttered popcorn or rotten egg flavored. The game ended when their 9 year old threw up so it was a crazy night. Right now we are spending the day with Elder Barton and his new companion Elder Stringer then my companion is going back with Elder Barton for exchanges. 

(I asked him how long it took them to get to Edinburgh last week when they went there for the choir practice.) The train to Paisley only took about 45 minutes and the train to Edinburgh was about the same so it wasn't too bad. I think we only have a couple more practices before we perform. We will be traveling to different stake centers around Scotland so it will be a lot of fun. 

Well that is pretty much it for this week. Love you guys can't wait to talk to you soon. 

Here is part of the e-mail he sent Dru - 

The other night I had a dream that was bound to happen. It was basically Outlander (a show about a girl who goes back in time in Scotland) except when I showed up I was wearing those kind of costumes and fighting with a broad sword it was even with clan McKenzie o that was pretty cool.

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