Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

We actually got an e-mail from Mason yesterday (Sunday) because he is at the mission home.  But, he also got to check his e-mail today (Monday) so he got our e-mails.  His e-mail was actually a little longer than this, but he was asking us to put some music on an old iPod nano he has to send to him.  He said the mission rule is that they can listen to "uplifting" music so he wanted some music from musicals that he thought would be "uplifting" so most of his e-mail was just a list of songs that he wanted on the iPod and I didn't include all of that here. So this is a combination of what we got yesterday and today.  Not a lot of information, but hopefully next week he will write about his week on the "mission choir tour" and send some pictures.

Hi Mom - They're are letting some of us email today because we are at the mission home because it is the week of the Christmas concert, but I should be able to email tomorrow as well. I got the tree yesterday (I sent him a little Christmas tree from, thanks. So this week we really haven't done a whole lot that is really exciting, We went on exchanges with Elder Barton and Elder Stringer and we had zone interview training on Thursday but other then that there really hasn't been a whole lot. Me and three other elders from the zone (my companion isn't in the Christmas choir) took a train up here to Edinburgh on Saturday and had practice then today we had sacrament meeting in the mission home and now it is all going to be music practice today so hopefully I won't lose my voice. We will have a show every day starting Tuesday then we will also be performing in shopping centers so it will be a lot of fun. The most fun thing we did this week though was on Monday we went to a castle. I got some pictures I'll  send them to you when I can. And, I'll have a lot of pictures to send to you guys next week after the concert. Love you guys and I can't wait for Christmas so I can talk to you.

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