Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

So, here is Mason's e-mail for this week, but before you read the e-mail I need to give a little background information.  I have a first cousin, Debbie, who lived and worked as a nurse in Scotland for several years. She now lives in Idaho, but she is back in Scotland for a vist right now.  She posted on Facebook last week that she was at the airport waiting for her flight to the UK.  I just commented on her post that if she made it to Ayr she should look for the missionaries because that is where Mason is serving.  One of her friends, from Scotland, mentioned me in a comment and asked me if my son was in Scotland with the Church of Latter-day Saints/Mormons.  I commented back that he was and she said she was visiting her brother who lived in Ayr (she lives in another town not too far away) and he invited two young men that were in the neighborhood to come in forand have lunch with them while she was there visiting.  She ended up looking at pictures on my Facebook page and said it was Mason who she had lunch with - they fed them stovies (some kind of potato/meat stew) and bread.  She said they were members of the Church of Scotland but they had enjoyed visiting with the two nice young men from another faith. It is such a small world and it is crazy that we were able to make that connection with just a few comments on my cousin's Facebook post.  Debbie was in Ayr, but she was there while Mason was traveling around Scotland with the mission choir.

So with all of that, here is Mason's e-mail that we got today!

(I told him the whole story about my cousin's friend and asked him that sounded familiar.)  I do remember - that is so flipping crazy and the thing is we didn't even knock on their door. The brother was outside or something and we were on the other side of the street and he yelled "hey boys" and told us to come inside and have some lunch. (I asked him about the stovies . . .) Stovies is a kind of I guess Scottish soup it has bits of sausage and it is really hearty - it filled me up really quick. So that is the craziest thing of my life.

So the mission choir was so much fun but all of us were ready to die by the end. Some guys could barely speak by day two or three of performing.  We went to Glasgow, Paisley, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh so that was really fun. We really didn't have any time to do any sightseeing because every morning we had to be back on the bus by 9:30, travel, then perform at a mall then pass out flyers for the performance that night and eat lunch. Then we would go right on over to the stake centers for practice and dinner. I took quite a few pictures and there is a big photo pool going on so when that is all up and ready I'll send you more pictures. One elder filmed the Edinburgh performance so once they have it all edited they might post it on Facebook or just give the missionaries a copy. So I'll tell you lots more on the skype on Christmas.

(I told Mason that I had done something for the missionaries in our ward so that hopefully there would be people in Scotland doing nice things for him). You don't need to worry about people doing nice things for me because we have the Gilardi's! One of the sisters here mentioned that she had a hole in one of her shoes one night at dinner with them and they went out and bought her a really nice pair of boots and then said if any of us needed new shoes to come and talk to them. So that is the kind of people they are.

And with the concert, one more cool thing was that I got to see a lot of people from my MTC group. In fact a lot of the sisters in the concert are from my group so it was cool to see everyone again.  Love you guys and I can't wait till Christmas.  

And he sent a few pictures -

For the afternoon performance in Glasgow we performed at a museum and so I beelined it for the arms and armor. These are some really cool old swords and some armor.



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