Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Last e-mail of 2014 - he didn't have a lot to say since we just talked to him a few days ago, but he did send some pictures.

I'm doing really good and I pretty much knew that as soon as the Skype started that you and Syd would start crying (which we did!). On Christmas we went to breakfast at Gilardi's and dinner at the Lang's where I Skyped from. In between going to those two families we went out and did service with the sisters.  We went around caroling but it was mostly us walking around.  Then on Boxing Day we went over to another member's house and watched and episode of Doctor Who which was pretty fun and we watched How to Train Your Dragon 2. Then he took us up to Culzean Castle where we fed some reindeer.  There was one that we named Sven since we had just watched Frozen the night before at the Lang's and he would come to us whenever we would call "Sven" so that was fun. I don't know how big New Year's is over here so we will just have to wait and see.

We haven't met with Alistair again yet, but we will this week and he will be coming to church on Sunday. When we were out tracting yesterday, the new sister texted us saying "Can we borrow the deep fryer (we sent him a little mini deep fryer so he could make homemade fries which are his favorite . . .) because Sister Buhler wants crispy burritos." We told her they could if they would bake us a cake, so we will be getting a cake!

It has been really good around here but it is getting colder and there is frost everywhere, but I am doing really good now with all of the thermals and the sweater.  Love you!

Pictures of Culzean Castle - me on a cannon and a thistle that was on the base of the cannons.

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  1. I'm so happy he is happy! And I can't believe you sent him a deep fryer��! That thing will be loved by many I'm sure!