Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Here is the e-mail we got today - I am just getting used to the fact that we aren't ever probably going to get very long e-mails from Mason - just the basic information . . . maybe I should go back to asking a bunch of questions!

So our investigator, Alistair did come to church this week and on New Year's Day we committed him to baptism on February 14 so that is awesome!  Not much else has been going on this week.  Elder Scheuermann has sick off and on the past two weeks, so one day all I did was stay in the flat while he slept.  He finally got some medicine and he is feeling better now.

New Year's Eve wasn't very exciting - we had to be in by 6 p.m. and we went to sleep by 10:00.  Then New Year's Day we went to a member's house and played board games with them and watched the new Doctor Who Christmas special because Elder Scheuermann and one of the sisters are big fans. Then we went to the ward mission leader's and had dinner with them so it was a good day.  But overall not much has happened. Tomorrow we are going to Glasgow for a conference with all of the missionaries in the west of Scotland so that will be really fun. And, Elder Scheuermann does know Uncle Brent and Aunt Anne (this summer when we went to my aunt and uncle's ward we took a picture of the program because one of the missionaries from their ward was in Scotland. I totally forgot about it, but the other day I was deleting some of the old photos from my phone and found the picture again and the name I took a picture of is now Mason's companion!).

Here are some pictures.

While we were knocking doors this cat started following us.  We realized it was actually an albino cat and we named him Ghost. 

This next picture is a poster we found while we were deep cleaning the flat one night.  I had heard about it from Elder Lauricella but he told me it had been thrown away because the couple that checks the flat told the missionaries to take it down and I had never seen it, but Chewbacca lives.

This picture is just Elder Scheuermann being awkward like always - this will be the picture that goes in the mission scrapbook.

This is a selfie we took on New Year's Day while in a member's car - me, Elder Scheuermann and Sister Buhler.

One day while we were out knocking doors we saw this sign for duck eggs so we bought some.

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