Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

It is going really good here, but not a whole lot has happened this week.  The weeks really are going by faster.  Just the other day I said to Elder Scheuermann that on Tuesday I get up and wish that it was Monday so I could e-mail you and then I said now all of a sudden it is Saturday. We did get what Elder Scheuermann called "manna from heaven." So we were out street contacting about 5:30 and we talked to this one guy, he must have been drunk, and he gave us his food which ended up being kebab meet with fries and then I got a burger and yes we did eat them.  It was the most sketchy thing that I have ever done in my life (I guess he hasn't lived a very exciting life if this is the most sketchy thing he has ever done!).

Alistair is still getting baptized and everything is going really good with him. "Moves" call is on Sunday and Elder Scheuermann feels like he might be getting moved so I don't know if I will stay or go.  It would be nice to stay in Ayr until Alistair gets baptized.

Not much has been going on this week.  We just hung around the flat last P-day - I was really tired.  I did get a Scott tartan scarf which is really cool - I might need to get a Scott tartan tie and kilt.

(In my letter to Mason I told him I had seen he was getting a new mission president.) President Brown sent out an e-mail a few weeks ago about the new mission president but what you know is about as much as we got. (The new mission president is George Donaldson from Wales who is currently over the CES in the United Kingdom.) 

That is all for this week.  Love you guys.

Since Mason wrote his usually short and sweet e-mail, I will add an article we found (thanks to my cousin and Breanna and my sister Jana) about the Scotland and Ireland missionary choirs from the Mormon Newsroom.

Scotland and Ireland Missionary Choir Delights Crowds
Dublin — 

Delighted shoppers in Limerick. Republic of Ireland, whipped out their smartphones to video a flash mob coming together to sing the hymn “Joy to the World”.  The missionary choir was formed from missionaries of the Scotland/Ireland mission serving in Ireland.  Their counterpart choir of missionaries serving in Scotland also brought the message of Christmas to hundreds of people through their music in various public venues as well as our own church buildings.  Several grateful hosts expressed the hope that they would return.  

The Revd Helen Alexander of the historic St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, welcomed the choir back where they had given a memorable performance at Easter.  In Ireland the choir broke new ground by singing in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

Between them the choirs performed in 14 venues. The tours also provided an unforgettable experience for those taking part.  One missionary said, “…  It was the greatest week of my mission. It has given me such a renewed spirit that I have never had a greater desire to go forward and invite others to learn about the restored gospel.”

And here are the pictures that went with the article - in the first picture Mason is right in the middle of the choir and in the second picture, Mason's companion is the 2nd Elder from the left.


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