Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

We got a great letter today.  I went back to asking him a few questions to see if  I could get more information out of him - it helped a little but not much . . . here it is.

This week has been really good! We had the Scotland West conference in Glasgow last Tuesday and we were instructed on the mission plan for this year and a lot of other things like housekeeping instructions from Sister Brown.  I went on exchanges with Elder Campbell (the other missionary from Cottonwood who is now in Mason's district) this week and that was really fun.  He is a great missionary.  Alistair (the investigator they are teaching) is doing great.  The sisters here had a baptism so Alistair came to it and said he really like it so he seems pretty solid.  We will be teaching him more this week.  But, the baptism here was great.  I was one of the witnesses for it, and it took 5 tries to get him all the way under.  Right after they closed the doors to the font one of the bishop's sons yelled out "I counted 5 times," so that was fun.There isn't much else that is going on this week.  The days are starting to go by really fast. 

So here are the questions I asked with his answers . . .

How are you getting along with Elder Scheuermann (his companion)?
Elder Scheuermann is still really cool.

Did you actually eat the duck eggs that you bought (see the picture from last week's post)?
Yes we did eat some of the duck eggs - not much of a difference from regular eggs other than the fact that they were bigger.

How is the deep fryer (that I bought him from Christmas) holding up and do you use it?
The deep fryer is great and this week we made fish and chips at the flat so that was fun.

What is the next transfer date?
 The next moves call is the last Sunday of this month and moves is the Wednesday after that.

I also told him we liked having the missionaries at our house a lot because even though I am sure missionary work is a lot different in Scotland than in Salt Lake I at least felt like we kind of had an idea of what he was doing, and he did have a comment about that.
Mission work is way different here than in Salt Lake.  Apparently they work mostly with referrals and we have to try to talk to the most stubborn people on the planet! But it is still good!

And he sent some pictures -

This picture is me and Elder Campbell at the conference in Glasgow.

Elder Scheuermann got a bag that describes him perfectly.

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