Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Mason has been gone 2 months today!  Here is his latest letter and he finally got to go to a castle so he sent some pictures.

So this week has been a bit crazy. It was moves this week but I'm staying in Ayr. Elder Tang got moved and Elder Barton has a new companion, Elder Stringer. This week we also had our first Bonfire night, that is when they have a big bonfire because a man named Guy Fawkes got caught trying to blow up parliament and was burned at the stake. (November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night) So we went to the Bishop's house where there was also food. Carrie and her daughter (investigators) came and she said she had fun. We haven't had a chance to meet with her the rest of this week but I'm not too worried about that. 

Because it was moves, Thursday was also a P-day and one of the members took us to see a castle and I did bring my camera! That was really fun and after we played around in the castle for a bit we went and hiked through a gorge and when you are hiking in Scotland you are just about walking in a stream the whole time cause it had been lightly raining that morning and there were small waterfalls along the trail. We got some really cool pictures and I'll send those. Other then that not a whole lot has been happening this week. 

But something fun about my companion is he talks in his sleep and sometimes I'll wake up and hear him. Like last week I woke up and heard him say "No I don't want to take a bath with another man!" then Elders Barton and Stringer stayed over and Elder Barton heard him say "No my thoughts must be God's!" so some fun stuff. Then when we had dinner with the Gilardi's on Thursday Bro. Gilardi told all four of us that if we come back to Scotland with our families we can stay with them how cool is that! Also if you want to talk with the Gilardi's they are on Facebook the easiest way to find them on it would be to look up Stobbs the Baker since they own it and Brother Gilardi's first name is Umberto. 

Also I got invited to be in the mission Christmas choir! Apparently they travel all over Scotland and perform for a week around Christmas. And I did get the packages you and G-ma sent.

Love you guys and miss you! 

Here are the pictures of us at castle Loch Doon.


Here we are inside the castle. There was an arch that was perfect for pictures.

I decided to be Lord of the castle and Elder Lauricella decided to climb the walls. 

All four of us on a hike and some Scottish wildlife.

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