Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Mason made it to his new area just outside of Glasgow, and he is serving in the Cumbernauld ward.  Here is this week's e-mail . . .

So, first things first - I MISS AYR!!!!!!!! When I told the members that I was getting moved to Cumbernauld they said that it started out nice but went into a slum as fast as it could and stayed there, and they were right. (The rest of this paragraph are the answers to the questions I asked him about his new area.)  Our flat is okay. It has a washer and dryer in the flat and the bathroom is warmer than the Ayr bathroom so that is very nice. So with moves, me and Elder Scheuermann took a train to Glasgow where we met up with a lot of other elders and then we met up with our new companions and went to the new areas. We don't have a car here so it is mostly walking or taking trains.  The ward is pretty nice and there is a girl here who is studying to be a hair dresser so she gives free haircuts and she has your color hair and acts kind of like Bryn so it is a bit weird. There are some really nice members here. We have two investigators - one has been coming to church for over a year now so really all she needs to do is get married to the less active guy she is living with and she is good to get baptized. Right now they are planning on getting married in October. And the other investigator is an older Catholic lady who is an "eternigator" but I haven't met her yet. I did get everything packed in my suitcases and I had the perfect amount of space for the deep fryer so that worked out really well.  The weather here is about the same as Ayr but we do have snow up here.

Before I left Ayr one of the members told me that I'll be one of the missionaries they really remember. He also said that his kids call the four of us missionaries in Ayr the Scooby Gang, and that we really made an impression on his kids. He said that his oldest son, Michele, who became a priest while I was there models the way he blesses the sacrament after the way I do it.  He said his son says "alright, this is the way Elder Wynder does it." Needless to say, when we come back to visit Scotland, we are going to Ayr. That is all for this week.  Love you guys!


He did tell us a little about his new companion, but he asked me not to put all of it in the blog - apparently his companion is not the most rule-following, hardest working missionary in the mission from what he did say. I did a little searching on Google Street View maps and I think I found his flat. I will have to send this picture to him next week and ask him for sure - but I think this is where he lives.

And this is the Cumbernauld ward building.

I made a Dropbox account for him so he could upload his pictures so if anything happened to his camera he would still have his pictures. Here are a few pictures that he uploaded that we hadn't seen.

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