Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

We got a great e-mail from Mason today.  Things were better the second week in his new area than they were the first week so that was nice to hear.  Tomorrow is his 5-month mark - and I feel like time is finally starting to speed up a little.  Here is the e-mail . . .

Things are going better this week.  Elder Rogers (Mason's new companion) is doing a bit better and isn't quite so disobedient anymore but it still kind of feels like he is dragging.  I think his companion before me was the bigger problem and Elder Rogers just didn't do anything about it. I went on exchanges on Tuesday with the district leader and they live in a four-man flat. I had more fun in that one day than the rest of the other two weeks I have been here combined.

The coolest thing ever happened this week.  On Wednesday I was closing up nightly planning and I just felt like I should pray for people to teach. Then, the next morning we got a call from the mission office about 2 self-referrals we got that asked for a Book of Mormon. The first one was a single woman who had heard about the church and wanted to see what it was like and she really seemed to like what we talked about with her. We just explained a bit about the church and the Book of Mormon. Then the second referral was a family from South Africa who moved to Scotland and the entire family of 5 is really interested in the gospel.  First off they said they found a video on YouTube about our beliefs and found they believed the same things. Then they had a family prayer about the church and turned the whole thing over to God saying if it is what He wants them to do they will do it. Then the mom had a dream of her oldest daughter getting married in the temple!!! How crazy is that? They had already done research about the church so most of our time with them was answering their questions. We talked to them about the priesthood and relief society and home teaching. They brought up the Word of Wisdom and said they don't drink alcohol and they would give up coffee in a heartbeat. They are so awesome and the spirit was so strong. They already seem like members - they are so awesome! We are seeing them again for dinner on Tuesday and I can't wait!

So not much else to report on this week other than that, and I got my second haircut of the mission so it has been a good week.  Love you and miss you!