Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2014

We didn't get an e-mail from Mason until today (Tuesday) because they had Zone Development Day (translation = Zone play day) yesterday so they had their P-day today.  Here is his e-mail -

Things have been going pretty well this past week.  It almost all seems to kind of mix together when we are doing a lot of the same stuff every day. This week has mainly been finding and trying by people. The Austin's (the family from South Africa) came to church on Sunday and had a few concerns about the members, but we brought the bishop with us when we went to see them so he really helped out a lot and we will be seeing them tomorrow, so they are still doing really good.

Yesterday was Zone Development Day from about 11:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.. We went to the stake center in Glasgow and it was raining so we just played in the gym at the church. We played chair football which is where if the ball touches your chair you are out and you sit on the chair but you can get the ball and throw it and if it hits someone's chair who is in then they are out and you are back in. Then we had two dodgeball tournaments and the teams were our districts and my district won both. But then we got destroyed at volleyball. We then played some fun games until dinner which was Costco pizza!!! (Mason LOVES Costco pizza!) One of the games we played we all sat in a circle and the person in the middle would pick a topic like a country then they would go around the circle with a cup of water and whoever had the same answer as them would get splashed with the water. So it was a really fun day.

So not a whole lot else has been going on this week - love you guys and miss you.


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