Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Mason has now been gone 10 months!  Here is the e-mail we got today . . . 

So this week felt really long mainly because all the members where down at the temple (in Preston, England) for the whole week. So Monday after emailing we pretty much just did shopping but then the elders in Invergordan called and said that their branch president was having a BBQ at his house for Elder Stobbs because he got transferred and that we were invited so we went there and had dinner. It was the same family where the sons sword fight so we got the swords out again and had a lot of fun. We got Elder Carter involved and he just loves it.
We went to a hardware store and got some PVC pipe, foam and duct tape and made some swords. Elder Carter made two short swords and I made a long sword and so whenever we have time in the flat we just sword fight like crazy. It is so much fun and a good workout.
So Tuesday we where able to see Georgana but her mom wasn't there so we just did some reading from the Book of Mormon with her. That was the biggest thing that happened on that day.

Wednesday it was P-day (because of moves) so we went and did some shopping in the city centre Elder Carter got some stuff for going home like a new white shirt. So nothing much there.

Thursday I really can't quite remember what we did after weekly planing. I forgot my planner in the flat today and the days are kinda starting to blend together. 

Friday not much else happened then we were supposed to see Georgana but she got out of hospital so she is doing better. We saw a less active who is a bit of a grumpy old guy. So that was pretty much it.

Saturday not much happened there either we were able to teach a guy we met on the street that day. It went alright the guy is trying to quit some hard drugs though so I don't know how its going to go with him. That was the big thing of the day. 

Sunday we had church it was really good to see the members again.  But before we left the flat Elder Carter prayed that we could get a dinner appointment cause we didn't have a lot of food in the flat, then he got hungry again at church and prayed we could get a DA again. Then after church one of the members, Sister Sutherland, came up and asked us to come over for dinner, then Elder Carter told her he had been praying for a someone to ask us over and she said she had had a prompting to ask us over for dinner so that was really cool. But during sacrament one of Bishops little girls, Skye, came over and gave Elder Carter a picture she drew and then had us color with her. So that was a fun sacrament meeting. Then after church we went back to the flat and dropped off our church stuff and went to the Sutherlands. You and dad would really get along with them they are really cool and funny. But there ten year old girl is so much like Bryn it is crazy. It's funny every ward I have been in there is someone there who is like, or would get along really well with Bryn. But that was our Sunday. Love you and miss you. Only a little over one more year left. 

Mason didn't send this picture - somebody in Scotland posted it on the mission Facebook page. This was taken a couple of weeks ago when they had a meeting to meet the new mission president and his wife. Mason, his companion Elder Carter, and Elder Rogers.

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