Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

This is the e-mail we got from Mason today.

This week was a bit crazy. So Monday we had a pretty fun P-day with the Elders from Thurso. Tuesday we had district meeting then it was right out to the Isle of Skye it was about three hours one way. So we went by the referral and she wasn't in but her husband was and we gave him a card with our number on it. After that we had to drive right back to Inverness. But I got a few pictures of Skye and me and Elder Carter got pictures with a Highland cow we saw that was close to the fence so that was sweet. Then we went to the hospital to visit a member who is there, her name is Georgina she is about 18 and she has cystic fibrosis. Then we went and got dinner. 

Wednesday really nothing happened in the morning me and Elder Carter got haircuts. Then we went to a members and had an early dinner with them. We then went to a small town called Nairn to see a former investigator.We met with her and she said she had a few issues to work through but that she did want to start coming to church again, so that went pretty well. Then we just came back to the flat.

Thursday after weekly planing we went and visited Georgina again. After that we went and had dinner with another family, the Sutherlands. They are pretty cool. Then during dinner we got a text from Elder Rogers that his companion, Elder Stobbs, was in the hospital. So we got dropped off at the hospital and it turns out that he might have appendicitis. So we visited with him for a bit then drove up to Invergordon so Elder Rogers could get his stuff to spend the night. So that was Thursday.

Friday we had to go back to Invergordon to get stuff for Elder Stobbs since we was going to be in the hospital for a few days. Then we went and saw a less active who was also in the hospital and then saw Georgina again. We are supposed to be teaching her mom because she wants to get baptized, but she had to go and do something every time we were there. Then it was off to another less active - not much has changed with him. He is an older guy who is just grumpy so not to much going on there. Then we had to go back to Invergordon to pick up the Thurso Elders who were coming in on the train. Then we drove back to Inverness and went to sleep.

Saturday we spent the July 4th meeting President Donaldson. We all got in the car and drove for about 2-3 hours to the Dundee stake center. We all introduced ourselves to the Donaldson's. Then President and Sister Donaldson talked and introduced themselves for a little bit. President Donaldson is really nice and he said "don't be surprised to see your mission president in white a few times" so he is really going to get involved. After the meeting we went and had lunch with a member from Elder Carter's old area. Then we just barely missed our train so we had to wait for an hour for the next one. We got the next train which took about 3 hours. But we did go over the Harry Potter bridge, the one that the train goes over in the movies, so that was pretty cool. We ended up getting into the flat about 9:45 and we were just tired and went to sleep. 

Sunday after church we went to Adam and Rose's new flat and had lunch with them as well as another couple in the ward who are dating. Elder Carter got pretty trunky. Then we went and got Elder Stobbs since he got released from the hospital - he ended up not getting his appendix out. Then we had to stay in the flat with him and wait for moves call. So I will be staying in Inverness and so will Elder Carter. Elder Carter is going home at the end of this transfer so I'll be killing him off. He is going to be so trunky this transfer.

So that was my week really crazy and it went by really fast. Love you guys and miss you.  

Here are the pictures Mason sent.

This picture is in the Inverness town center with the missionaries that are in Thurso (Thurso is at the very top of Scotland).

These are pictures from Mason and Elder Carter's trip to the Isle of Skye.

The rest of these pictures are scenery from Isle of Skye.

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