Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

So this week has been a crazy one. Tuesday we had our Zone Interview Training in Aberdeen which is a 2 1/2 hour trip, and Pres. Donaldson is a beast. He told one of the missionaries that he baptized half of his home ward. He also kinda wants us to be a bit afraid of him but he is awesome. After that we went with the zone leaders and blitzed their area since it takes way to long to do a regular exchange. 

Wednesday we got dropped off at the train station and had to wait for an hour for the next train to Inverness. Then it was about a two hour train ride back. Once we got back we went and did some service at a member's house and had a later lunch. Then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader there. The ward mission leader, Ben, is pretty cool he knows ninjitsu so he is a ninja and will be having a ninjitsu class at the church on Thursdays. After that we went on a hike with the young men up to a place called Fyrish it is really cool. (There are pictures of this hike at the end of the e-mail.)

Thursday we had weekly planing. Then we went to the church so Elder Carter could take a district leader study. Then right after that we went and met up with bishop for dinner. Bishop is so cool! Then we went and had another quick meeting with Ben so that finished up the day.

Friday me and Elder Carter went to do some service at a member's house, the one who had us do the lumberjack work. But he forgot and was on his way to help someone cut down some trees. So we waited for an hour for the next bus. Then we went on exchanges I was here with Elder Rogers new companion, Elder Wilkins. He is pretty cool, we really only had time to go see a less active and then it was back to the flat. 

Saturday me and Elder Wilkins went to do service at British Heart. Then we went and played sports with the young men at the church. After which we exchanged back. The rest of the day we spent trying by a less active who wasn't in then finished off with a district leader study. 

Sunday church was good. But after church Bishop invited us over to his house for lunch and then we went to see Georgana in the hospital but she was already out. After we then went and saw another member family since the mom was pretty sick so we gave her a blessing and talked about the temple trip with her 18 year old son. The rest of the day was district leader study and trying by less actives so that was this week. 

These are some pictures of the trip with the Young Men to the Fryish monument. This is what Mason said about this place . . . Adam, the young men's president told us that the guy who owned the land was trying to keep people on the other side of the hills out. So he hired people to build this wall but after finishing the gate they started complaining about the pay and he wouldn't pay them more so they quit. 


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